Your Fingerprint Can Be Hacked For $5. Here’s How.

Fingerprinting is a better way than passwords and PIN codes. Who would want to spend time writing in a long list of numbers, letters and letters when a simple hit will suffice?

Unfortunately, that relief comes at a price. Because, unlike regular passwords, you leave your fingers on the taxi doors, on the iPhone screen, and wine glasses at your local restaurant.

In this article, the Kraken Security Labs team demonstrates how easy it is for bad players to go the way you like.

For the Seals

In order to destroy your device or account, we no longer need to access your seals. An image of the area you have touched (from the local library table to the equipment of the nearby gymnasium) will do.

Fingerprint image of a victim on their computer.

With this image we have, one hour in Photoshop offers the best of both worlds:

Fingerprint from a background image.

Next, we will print the image on acetate paper with a laser printer – toner creates a 3D fingerprint design on paper.

Acetate leaf containing our new prints.

In our final step, we add a wooden glue to the top of the printer to get the false fingers that we can use on the scanner.

Making artificial fingers.

Introducing Attack

With a finger in hand, all we have to do is put it on a scanner.

Our fingers are working on the MacBook Pro.

We were able to carry out this well-known plot on many of the tools that our team had on trial. It would be a real attack, we would have a chance to find out more about the secret.

Defensive Attack

The finger should not be considered a safer alternative than a strong password. Doing so leaves your identity – and, perhaps, cryptoassets – at risk of attack.

It should be clear that, although your finger is special to you, it can be easily used. Well, you just have to use it as a second proof (2FA).

Want to enhance your personal hygiene? Be sure to check out ours Center Support Tips for other devices to prevent well-known security traps.

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