World’s first COVID-19-safe water purifier arrives in PH

The global leader in home and work hydration solutions Waterlogic is looking to transform drinking water in the Philippines with a COVID-19 water purifier, Aqua SmartGuard.

Waterlogic has recently launched its new and unique Aqua SmartGuard water purification line in the country to provide Philippine families with a healthy and safe way to access their drinking water. “Every day we find new ways to protect ourselves and our families from the COVID-19 virus. Bringing Aqua SmartGuard cleaners to the Philippines is our way of encouraging Filipinos not to give up anything related to the health and safety of their families,” said Windy Goffe-Gomez. great Aqua SmartGuard Philippines.

Aqua SmartGuard COO Windy Gomez during the company’s founding of November 2021.

Waterlogic provides reliable and reliable water for more than 50 million families and offices in more than 70 countries to date. Its latest technology, Aqua SmartGuard, uses smart technology to ensure that drinking water is clean and safe compared to traditional cold water. These new types of “cube” cleansers include Firewall UVC Technology and BioCote Antimicrobial Surface Protection to keep water free of bacteria and viruses, contaminants, and unpleasant odors and odors. Most importantly, the above technologies work together to protect the COVID-19 virus from water pollution.

Patent cleaning technology

Aqua SmartGuard water purifiers are equipped with state-of-the-art UVW Firewall technology to ensure up to 99.99 percent protection against bacteria, viruses and cysts such as salmonella, E.coli and COVID-19. The water purifier has a special quartz double helix shape that ensures that light waves reach every drop of water in the treated area for maximum purification.

The patented UVC Firewall acts as a barrier to disinfecting water. Water flows up and down through the Firewall, exposing them to UVC light and freeing them from harmful bacteria as soon as they leave the nose.

In addition to alcohol and pesticides, many Filipinos have resorted to ultraviolet (UV) methods to ensure that their homes and equipment are protected from COVID-19. Studies have shown that UV light, especially UVC or a third type of UV light in the form of ultraviolet light, effectively reduces pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, including the virus that causes COVID-19. UVC works by altering the structure of DNA molecules, preventing them from moving or multiplying. Of the three types of UV light, UVC light requires a very short time – a few seconds – to kill bacteria and viruses.

In the case of water purification, UVC works well with mechanical filters to ensure that the cleaning system provides safe and healthy drinking water. This is where Firewall systems come in.

A team of pathologists from the University of Arizona under the direction of Drs. Charles P. Gerba recently installed Firewall testing against COVID-19. The results of rigorous tests show that Firewall detects COVID-19 virus by 99.9999 percent.

BioCote: Extra external protection

In homes and offices, the use of traditional donors is to transmit viruses and bacteria by simply touching the body of the machine with buttons. For further protection, the Aqua SmartGuard features antimicrobial protection, BioCote, in its place, including the outer shell of the cleaning unit, the supply buttons, nozzles and tray.

With the exception of the Aqua SmartGuard units, BioCote uses a silver ion technology that prevents small cells from growing outside the cube. It significantly reduces the presence of pathogens on the machine in just 15 minutes and reduces up to 99.5 percent of bacteria within just two hours.

Unlike other antimicrobial additives, the active agent in BioCote cannot be washed or rubbed as soaked in the formulation process and therefore with a product-based product. BioCote is able to provide lasting and lasting security for all living things.

Aqua SmartGuard provides you and your loved ones with a unique, secure, secure environment and very sweet drinking water

Unmatched water purity and safety

In addition to its Firewall UVC and BioCote technologies, the Aqua SmartGuard cleaning component contains a carbon filter that removes tiny particles that make the water fragrant and fragrant while leaving essential salts and health. It can absorb 1 micron particles and can significantly reduce chlorine and other contaminants in water.

This highly efficient carbon filter is made from a standard coconut shell, which makes the material less durable.

In addition to the technology and its features, Waterlogic’s Aqua SmartGuard has been recognized and validated by health organizations around the world such as the Water Quality Association (WQA) and the and the and the and the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme (WRAS). It also meets ISO 9001 standards and Energy Star.

“Originally in the Philippines and Asia, the Aqua SmartGuard COVID-19 water purifier adds to the well in the Philippines or workplace, protecting families and employees and promoting health and hygiene at home or at work,” said Goffe. -Gomez.

Aqua SmartGuard and Waterlogic opened its first stores in Trinoma, Greenbelt 1 and SM Megamall last December 2021. The Aqua SmartGuard countertop is now available in stainless steel, with a free version that is expected soon.

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