Windows 11 KB5008353 update Build 22000.466 adds several improvements


Microsoft has just released the new Windows 11 build for intruders. Recent Windows 11 create 22000.466 arrives as KB5008353 edit and now it goes to Windows Insider in Beta and Release Preview settings.

The latest Beta and Release Preview methods have many bug fixes and edits. No new features have been released in this format.

Earlier this week, Microsoft released Windows 11 Pangani 22533 for Windows Insiders in Dev Channel. Along with the release, the company also released Windows 11 Build ISO 22533 for the holy priesthood.

New and updated Windows 11 KB5008353 updates (Build 22000.466)

  • We developed a reliable software installation on ARM64 devices.
  • We have rescheduled lunch time to start in February 2022 instead of March 2022 in Jordan.
  • We fixed a problem that causes ARM64 weapons to stop responding when they are asleep or restarting.
  • We created a problem that could prevent image processing software from rendering colors accurately on some high-dynamic range (HDR) formats. This often affects white colors that may appear bright yellow or other colors.
  • We fixed a problem that predicts the future in Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode.
  • We fixed a problem that sometimes prevents you from installing cables in the Input Method Editor (IME).
  • We fixed a problem that causes the audio to stop responding to other devices that support Bluetooth audio hardware.
  • We have solved a problem in which the information informing our client about Windows changes is incorrect in Japan.
  • We fixed an issue that affects software images when programs are not running. On the taskbar, these images may appear to be working as programs are running.
  • We fixed a problem that could cause the VPN profile to disappear. This happens when you use Microsoft Intune or a third-party mobile device (MDM) tool to set up a Windows 11 VPN profile (initial release).
  • We solved an issue that affects programs that have been listed for integration with Azure Active Directory (AAD). These programs do not work on machines affiliated with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).
  • We fixed a problem that could cause it Get-TPM PowerShell claims it failed when it tried to explain more about the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). The command fails with an error, “0x80090011 Microsoft.Tpm.Commands.TpmWmiException, Microsoft.Tpm.Commands.GetTpmCommand”.
  • We fixed a problem that caused the remote part of the desktop protocol (RDP) to be removed or the screen to be empty on Server Core. This issue occurs when you doubt the AppCompat interface.
  • We fixed a problem that affects windows.system.profile.retailinfo.dll.
  • We have developed some features that affect the functionality of File Explorer when browsing files and selecting files.
  • We’ve added a new one Your Microsoft account page in the Account section in Windows Home and Specialist Settings.
  • We fixed a problem that incorrectly displays the volume indicator in the task bar as unstable.
  • We fixed a reliability problem that caused File Explorer and computer menus to malfunction.
  • We fixed a problem that did not deliver the Shift KeyUp event to the app when using the Korean IME.
  • We’ve added a HelpWith feature, which uses Microsoft Bing technology to provide you with a much-needed Help theme for each Settings page.
  • We fixed a problem that prevents the active keyboard from appearing on the closed door when the device has a Microsoft account (MSA).
  • We fixed a problem that affects the download of notifications on the taskbar, which sometimes causes the device to stop working.
  • We fixed a problem that prevents some options from appearing on the Win + X menu.
  • We fixed a problem that causes the device to stop working when connected to multiple displays.
  • We fixed an issue that affects the auto-hide function of the taskbar. The Taskbar may not appear reliable when you look at the first or second images.
  • We have solved a problem that sometimes prevents you from using the Easy China IME.
  • We fixed a problem that would prevent the images from appearing on the second preview screen.
  • We fixed a problem that failed to install other printing software when the printer device driver installed.
  • We fixed a problem that shows the amount of old battery on Bluetooth connected devices on Bluetooth and other devices page in Settings.
  • We fixed a problem that prevents IP cameras from connecting and moving to other DirectShow (DShow) objects.
  • We redesigned the auto lightness algorithms to provide a better response to low-level monitoring of all support systems.
  • We fixed the problem that causes it lsass.exe stop working and the device restarts. This happens when you ask for statistics on Windows NT Directory Services (NTDS) when the NTDS function stops.
  • We fixed a problem that causes a WebDav administrator failure. This happens when you try to read a file from the local TfsStore, which causes the machine to stop responding.
  • We’ve solved the problem of workload reduction that occurs when you open a subscription number (USN) magazine.
  • We fixed a problem that failed to use the Policy Object Group (GPO) “Do not allow pressure on the entire NTFS Volume” at times.
  • We fixed a problem that prevents Robocopy from trying to copy files again.
  • We fixed a problem that caused Windows to shut down and crash, “IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL”.
  • We fixed the memory that happens when you call WinVerifyTrust(). This issue occurs if the certificate has failed on the original signature of the file containing several signatures.

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