Will the Health and Care Bill really privatise the NHS?

The government with the Health and Social Care Bill is heading to the House of Lords “stumbled” through Commons this week, he said. The Guardian.

The bill, which is the first part of England’s health and social care law since 2012, focuses on reforming the NHS so that health services in England can be integrated.

Unite has dubbed it the “NHS privacy bill”, with a general secretary Sharon Graham saying it “will be used to advance the NHS and bring privacy to the back door”. But Health Secretary Sajid Javid has dismissed the allegations as “baseless”.

Despite Javid’s refusal, human rights activists continue to warn of the bill, saying it could increase the status quo. private healthcare companies.

Will the secret companies ‘fix the wallets’?

The plans include the establishment of 42 independent Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) that will affect the country, “improving wiring and implementing five-year plans”, he explained. Mirror. Each ICS will oversee the local NHS in all areas with a population of one or two million.

This will eliminate “cultural divisions between hospitals and family doctors, between physical and mental health, and between the NHS and council functions,” he said. NHS England – a division that means “many people who have experienced inconsistent care” in the past.

Anti-theft campaigners have expressed concern over the ICS ‘structure, which includes representatives of councils, charities, trusts and local governments, as well as Integrated Care Boards (ICBs). These ICBs “will be the NHS accountants and work within the system” and will have the power to decide the type of medical care that their community groups will receive, according to the government.

Sajid Javid has ‘absolute power’

The outrage was sparked by the idea of ​​allowing these powerful ICBs to include representatives of health organizations, as well as NHS physicians and government health officials. Under Javid’s plan, says The Mirror, those elected to ICBs will be detained only if they “appear to be violating the right to health”.

In addition, the health secretary “has taken the initiative to abolish any ICS rights,” said Polly Toynbee in The Guardian. This means that Javid can “elevate their choices by merging or being elected according to political or jurisdiction”. They also have “absolute power” in the election of all directors to ICBs.

Health Secretary Sajid JavidHealth Secretary Sajid Javid

At Commons this week, Labor tried to block the bill from allowing individual representatives (except GPs) on the leading health board.

“In Bath, Somerset, we have seen Virgin Care living in the shadow of ICS,” said shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth, describing the condition as “unacceptable”.

Co-founders Richard Burgon and Cat Hobbs, co-founder of We Own It, were quoted in The Mirror as saying that the law “expands the vast majority of private companies in our NHS, while private companies not only benefit. to receive what treatment and when ”.

More contractors for cronies?

Another major criticism of the bill and its anti-privatization opponents is the change in procurement laws that govern the way the NHS buys care for the public.

The proposal was designed to reduce red tape and save time and money, The Mirror reported, but the British Medical Association warned that the rules “allow for contracts to be delivered to caregivers without proper monitoring or evaluation”.

Under the new bill, there is “everything” that private companies “will have the opportunity to extend their contracts or be offered new contracts without competition”, wrote Sian Norris in Byline Times.

The government is already facing “cases of sexual harassment after it was discovered that certain companies had been offered access to High Priority Lane which immediately complied with their contracts (PPE) contracts,” he said. The Independent.

But not the individual providers on the table

However, the stereotype in the healthcare industry did not agree that the inclusion of selected specialist members in the ICB and changes in the NHS procurement rules and procedures for securing health confidentiality in England.

The Opinions of the company Nuffield Trust Brexit program director Mark Dayan and senior colleague Helen Buckingham said they did not see “corporate adoption” in the NHS as a possible result of the bill.

“There is nothing in the bill that can turn the NHS into a public-funded, free-to-use service other than the ones already in place as a dentist,” he wrote.

Dayan and Buckingham added that the NHS has paid private care providers to provide free care since its inception in 1948 and that the money has gone to the “second choice” secret since ancient times.


Commenting on the inclusion of private donors at ICBs, Dayan and Buckingham also said that “NHS leaders, GPs, council leaders and independent supervisors will also be at the table”. Unlike private companies, they wrote, the money is forcing all boards to join, while meetings will be held in public and “elections must be transparent”.

“Why is it possible for a private sector representative to earn more money, than representatives of the NHS trusts or GPs?” they added.

Similarly, Health Minister Edward Argar said “no one to be elected to the ICB will violate the rights of the NHS”, Mirror he added.

The bill now goes to the House of Lords, where several prominent Conservative allies have tried to change the government’s policy on how public health and social care will improve, before sending them back to Commons.

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