Why Proof-Of-Work Is A Superior Consensus Mechanism For Bitcoin

Pakhala pali mikangano yosawerengeka yozungulira umboni wa ntchito (PoW) ndi umboni wamtengo (PoS) ngati njira yopezera mgwirizano pamaneti a blockchain.

Anthu ambiri akhala akudzifunsa kuti chabwino ndi iti, ndipo chifukwa chiyani? M’nkhaniyi, ine ndipita pa ena mwa ubwino waukulu ndi zopinga aliyense amagwirizanirana.

Tiyeni tilowe m’madzi.

Kodi Umboni Wa Ntchito (PoW) Ndi Chiyani?

Umboni wa ntchito ndi njira yolumikizirana yomwe idayambitsidwa ndi Bitcoin (BTC). Tidzagwiritsa ntchito netiweki ya Bitcoin monga chitsanzo kuti timvetsetse njira yotsimikiziranso ntchito.

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