Where is Death In Paradise filmed? Is Guadalupe safe to visit for a holiday?

Then that Death in Paradise painted? That is the question fans often ask after each session.

The list goes on and on criminal games because of the tropics – no cold Nordic Noirs here.

And with the 11th list going well, it ‘s time to look at some of the key sites.

We know that the mythical island is called Saint Marie, but where in the world is this?

The Caribbean is a wonderful place for a crime drama (News: BBC)

Where was Death In Paradise filmed?

The exhibition was filmed on a real Caribbean island in Guadalupe – Guadaloupe as recorded there.

Guadalope is the name of a collection of six islands – or archipelagoes – located in southern Antigua and northern Dominica in the Caribbean.

The main islands of the islands are Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, La Désirade and two are located in Îles des Saintes.

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As the names of the islands show, they – and the rest of Guadaloupe – are under French rule.

When it comes to a certain area, most of the places you see on the show are on the island of Basse-Terre – meaning beaches as far as they can see.

In the case of Honoré ‘the capital of Saint Marie’ which is actually the town of Deshaies, where the actors not only sit and film.

Death in Paradise: Where is it recorded?

Death in Paradise: Where is it recorded?

Guadaloupe looks gorgeous (Word: YouTube)

Where was Death In Paradise filmed? Is Guadalupe the best destination?

Yes. You can go to Guadalupe and it is usually safe to visit.

However, with the current situation in the country, it is best to look at the entry requirements.

Stormy weather events usually last from June to November, so it is best to always check the weather reports before traveling.

On crime, Guadalupe writes of less crime. But like everywhere, there are do’s and don’ts, so look for a public office Pano for the latest, most recent technology.

And don’t forget your mosquito repellent!

Can you walk to a specific destination?

She’s too fat for that one.

A number of commercial travel companies have set up special tours, which occupy all of the most important venues in the exhibition.

We are talking about the Honoré police, which is really the church of the town.

However, there is more to explore – you can go to the Botanical Gardens (where Richard Poole was killed), which is a short distance from the Deshaies.

And then there is the Langley Fort Royal Hotel, another famous place in the exhibition.

Death in Paradise: Where is it recorded?
Ideas for Le Madras are amazing (Word: Google Maps)

Does Catherine’s Bar really exist?

Since the third series, Catherine’s Bar has been in Deshaies.

Its real name is Le Madras, and you can eat cocktails or eat healthy snacks facing the sea – just as exhibitors do in any area.

Death in Paradise: Where is it recorded?

Death in Paradise: Where is it recorded?

Neville with his glorious beach shack (News: BBC)

Where was Death In Paradise filmed? And what about the Neville beach shack, is there?

Every British police officer sent to Saint Marie – sorry, Guadalupe – always lives in that beautiful little house.

Whether it’s Richard Poole, Humphrey Goodman, Jack Mooney or Neville Parker living here you will find beautiful beaches and sea views… and a lizard named Henry.

We have a good and a bad reputation.

Anse La Perle beach is real but unfortunately, this house is not.

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Between shoots, the cage is lowered and stored.

Executive Producer Tim Key says there is good reason for this.

He told a Radio Times: “We had been away from the monopoly for many years, and then people were having a weekend getaway, like partygoers.

“We were like, ‘We need to protect this a little bit now!’

So you have… go to Guadalupe and take a beautiful place. But don’t expect to see a beach shack!

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