What's New in the Revised Edition of Free to Move", Part I: Pandemic Migration Restrictions

Revised version of my book Freedom of Movement: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom will be released on December 1, and is already available for download Amazon and Oxford University Press page. When you shop on the OUP page, you can use the ALAUTHC4 coupon code to get a 30% discount.

In this post, I take a closer look at one of the new features in this new book that did not exist in the first place: the charge of using migration controls to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, such as the Covid- 19 virus. Such policies are far from new. But during the Covid epidemic, the US and other countries used more of these principles than ever before. In the new section of Chapter 6 of this book, I criticized such policies for a variety of reasons.

I changed some points in the book a recent issue mu Hill:

The coronavirus epidemic has prompted the United States and other countries to enact laws banning long-term migration. As a result of the measures taken under the Trump administration last year, the US became the biggest obstacle for immigrants than ever before in its history. While Biden’s management lifted some restrictions, some are still in place….

These restrictions failed miserably with the goal of spreading the COVID-19 virus to the United States, where more than 750,000 Americans died of COVID-19. The extension of many restrictions did not prevent the Alpha and Delta transmission species from settling expeditiously here, either. Well, restrictions slightly delayed entry of the virus….

The ban on epidemic migration has caused many problems for people fleeing poverty and oppression, including refugees fleeing violence, poverty and oppressive governments in Cuba, Venezuela and Haiti. Many of those expelled under Chapter 42 and other procedures can be sentenced to life imprisonment. even death….

In many cases, restricting migration exacerbates the situation by contributing to the spread of disease, and limiting scientific skills:

[M]anti-immigration laws can do more to spread the disease than to live with it. By making it impossible for more refugees to enter the United States legally, we have created more undocumented refugees with strong advocacy for vaccination and testing, so that they do not come to the authorities who want to deport them. In addition, relocation shelters are used to facilitate eviction it can help spread the disease due to poor care ….

Immigrants to the US and Europe make up various contributions to medical, scientific and technological know-how, and restrictions on immigration can prevent such advances. Moderna vaccine and Pfizer COVID-19 were all flourished and companies run by immigrants or children from poor countries, who would not be able to take part in these developments if they or their parents did not allow them to leave their countries…. Some of the migrants who have been banned by the US government in the last 18 months may have made great strides in technology and medicine.

In this booklet, I delve into the subject in more detail. Among other things, I explain why, while migration restrictions reduce the spread of the disease to some degree, there are some effective alternatives that are both effective and compassionate, such as seeking temporary closure or vaccination. I am also discussing the imposition of epidemic restrictions on internal migration. This, in turn, was used during the epidemic, though it was much smaller than the international migration barriers. As with any other restriction on international migration, if used consistently, the causes of the disease can also be used to justify major restrictions on internal freedom of movement.

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