What Is Your Ultimate RPG Squad? We Built The ‘Best’ Team of Characters

As I sat around and set up my next day hockey program, I played again Arise Stories, a thought came to my mind. Who can join my best RPG team if I make one? So why not join my six-person team, and I hope some of you tell me yours too.

The rules of this sub-system are simple. It should be a group of six people — because I like it Suikoden and that is the only real reason. Each person gets 2 players on the bench who can come in if needed. Your team members can come from any RPG, go through everything. There is no real song or thanks to any member of the band, either, that you can find out more about the tanks and the dealers or just pick 8 which you think is the most amazing. We leave it to you how you make your team.

The Ultimate RPG squad: The best characters as we have chosen by us

Yuber – Suikoden III

As my favorite game of all time, I had a lot of choices to choose from here. I mentioned names like Apple, Luc, Flik, ​​and others before landing on Yuber. He just makes a cool man in his black suit with twin swords. It brings a lot of DPS to my team with the little bad you need in a wasteful market.

person 3 remakeperson 3 remake

The great protagonist – person 3

The game was the first to enter the world of Persona, so the great winner will make it. A handsome man with a lot of potential and my money, the best people on this list. I mean, just look Thanatos! It adds strength to my team and the ability to invite different people.

Anise best rpgAnise best rpg

Some of my favorite games and Anise was a big part of it. In fact, he was just as annoying but very powerful and handsome. Especially when she changed her teddy bear from a little bit and was satisfied to be big and scary. This choice adds to the complexity of my team along with good magic.

Vincent the best rpgVincent the best rpg

Vincent Valentine – Final Fantasy VII

One of the most well-made and most handsome people. No one can knock him down, and he says a lot considering how many good-looking FFVII had in just one game. The best art that has been developed at my party being close and varied.

Clive the best characters on the rpgClive the best characters on the rpg

Clive Winslett – Wild Arms 3

I am about to go with another Clive in this place but I really like this guy as a kid and he is the best shooter in my team. The best way to keep my enemies away when my entire team closes.

Serena very good rpgSerena very good rpg

Serena – Dragon Quest XI

I want healing in my party and for me it came down to two letters Figure DQ XI. In the end, I agreed with Serena and she will be very welcome at my party, making everyone go with a lot of support.

Welkin best-known rpgWelkin best-known rpg

Lt. Welkin Gunther – History of Valkyria

The party needs someone to control it and although I like to think I have a bigger voice (I don’t), I think it’s best to leave a knowledgeable professional with enough intelligence and flexibility to do the job. It was an attempt to get it back Suikoden for Apple or Mathiu Silverberg, but Welkin’s appeal with his tank (yes, it comes again) was much more than a failure.

The best-known rpg marginsThe best-known rpg margins

Marichi – Eternal Sonata

My last character in this party is one of the most amazing games I have ever played. Eternal Sonata was a game I just picked up because and wow, it was amazing. This is another game where I had a lot of choices when it came to characters, but I settled down well in March. Obviously, Salsa provided more power up front, but Marichi is a combo ninja, connected to the big shows of my party.

What do you think of my last RPG band? Who would you be with? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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