What Is Pavia?

Many Cardano fans enjoy Pavia, a popular NFT game built on Cardano’s blockchain. Learn what the hype says in “What Is Pavia?” director.


  • What is Pavia Crypto?
  • More about Pavia Crypto
  • Assistant & Team
  • PAVIA Crypto Tokenomics

What is Pavia Crypto?

Pavia is the name of a city in Italy, of course Gerolamo Cardano, called the Cardano blockchain, was born.

Each blockchain ecosystem is developing its own Metaverse version, and Cardano is one of them. Pavia and the well-known NFT Metaverse game built on the Cardano blockchain. With NFT metaverse marketing supporting this community-based project, Pavia has a good team to follow.

At the moment, there is not much information about the Cardano-based metaverse project, but it seems to be the case Decentraland at Cardano.


More about Pavia Crypto

The world

Land is an important part of sporting events. Street packages in Cardano metaverse games are manufactured and sold as NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain. Currently, there are about 7,000 landowners in Pavia. Each location has unique Cardano NFT numbers based on the content of Pavia. In addition, landlords can send 3D images known as Pavia Compatible Assets (PCAs). One of the main reasons given by the team for choosing Cardono is the freedom to use 3d builders, who will provide the Pavia market with a high-quality and multi-colored team. Images of 3d PCA.


Pavia Appearance: Avatar

Users have customized their preferences and avatar to be used as their play form. While avatars are built in-house, the team is planning to make them compatible with other blockchains. Users also buy avatar costumes and other items on the market. The group is looking forward to the upcoming avatar fashion companies.

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Sponsors & Team

Pavia is backed by NFT site sales and graphics, so there is no VC fee. However, Paiva has two major affiliates, readyplayer.me and CNFT.io. Readyplayer.me is helping a team create avatars and work on connections. CNFT engines will help provide cheap power for metaverse games on the market.

In the meantime, metaverse project ‘s group is anonymous, with only a picture of their avatar and description of who it might be. However, a legal notice on the site stated that Pavia.io belongs to Pavia Corp, located in the Czech Republic, and registered in the Seychelles. The site also reported meeting a podcast team coming up in 2022.

Pavia Team

Pavia Crypto Tokenomics

$ PAVIA then the metaverse symbol. The brand was launched in December 2021, 25% discounted flights to landowners participating in the first two sales. $ PAVIA will be used to support the Pavia metaverse with real-world events.

Currently, there is no information on where to buy the $ PAVIA token.

Distribution of Symbols:

  • 30% Performance Improvement with Ecosystem
  • 25% Community Airdrop
  • 25% Liquidity and Utility
  • 20% Pavia Team and Advisors

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The project has gleaned much from Cardano’s first metaverses. However, there are some drawbacks. The first is that the work is still in its infancy. The team said it could take years to prepare. The second is that the group is unknown.

And last but not least, the Pavia Corp site seems to be on the lookout for Google. Without specific organizations to account for, the project could be completed at any time. Pavia seems to have a strong team, but that does not guarantee that the project will come in a series. This is a project to watch because it will be important no matter which course the project takes.

Where to Buy

$ PAVIA – being a Cardano brand – is not available on your regular exchange, but it is available. available at Muesliswap.

$ PAVIA is expected to reach a major digital currency exchange sometime in 2022. However, if you want to buy here, you can buy it. $ PAVIA using Cardano-based Muesliswap exchange.

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