Wera Hobhouse MP: One year on from the Government’s Ten Point Plan – how are they doing on electric vehicles?

‘We need a 10-year emergency program to raise the barrier in each house and ensure that new homes are built according to zero-carbon standards’.

Wera Hobhouse is a spokeswoman for the Liberal Democrats and MP for Bath.

About a year ago the Prime Minister released his statement Ten green industrial transformation plans. Looking back, even though some progress has been made, it is fair to say that the UK is lagging behind in climate change.

As the cost of purchasing large HS2 units decreases, the Government should not allow their foot to slip off the pedal (electronic). Delaying the urgent action we need is deliberately keeping the fuel economy afloat as a serious climate failure.

Of course, some improvements have been made to electric vehicles and the recent Budget has provided additional funding for natural resources. Surprisingly, however, the Chancellor in his budget speech did not mention climate change.

Electric vehicle maintenance costs have been cut, which makes it more expensive to replace a white car and more money is needed to generate electricity.

Green houses were an important part of the Ten Point Plan but the construction of green houses is progressing well. This was demonstrated in the Heating and Construction Process which was three times delayed and failed miserably with the costs required to regulate electricity and put less gas across the country.

We want clear direction on how our existing homes will be heated without relying on fossil fuels that are being extracted from the ground.

In this way, no new pre-existing security measures have been put in place.

The cost of pumping heat pumps is only about $ 30,000 a year which does not scratch the requirements.

We need a 10-year emergency program to raise the temperature in each home and ensure that new homes are built according to zero-carbon standards, with renewable energy produced locally.

The Hydrogen Strategy, another important point, was published earlier this year but is at risk of rising consumer prices, burdening poor families.

In addition, the Government will not achieve its goal of hitting zero buses by 2025 unless there are alternatives.

The Transport Decarbonization Plan did not provide new funding for gas emissions, although it was clear that progress was being made in setting a date for the removal of new diesel HGVs and providing emissions reduction measures.

One major failure is arranging for air traffic control and Chancellor cutting off Air Passenger Duty for domestic flights. It is unlikely that any flight plans do not include plans to reduce the number of flights that are airlifted. The chances of meeting Net Zero seem slim and slim.

Finally, it is unclear whether the Government has allowed oil exploration to continue in Scotland and Surrey. There is a global consensus that access to Net Zero could only happen if fossil fuels were left on the ground.

The plan needs to be revitalized and put more emphasis on local government funding and commitment to stop burning oil.

We need a new way. The Lib Dems have provided a clear blueprint for building the much-needed green economy.

Following COP26, the Paris Agreement targets remain on the edge of a cliff. Strong and determined leadership is now needed to revise the Ten Point Plan and take action willingly.

The government’s refusal to join the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance is also a major disappointment – the refusal to set a deadline for fuel consumption.

The Lib Dems could launch a Green Recovery Plan: investing $ 150 billion over 3 years in greenhouses, greenhouses, renewable energy, and restoring biodiversity lost, and green work guarantees.

In addition, if we stop selling petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, we will greatly expand our electric grid network.

This plan focuses on creating a healthy atmosphere for children; planting in every house; saving Britain; switch to green power; and movement changes.

To combat climate change we must also ensure that the air we breathe does not kill young people. We can provide safe transportation, cycling and public transportation to school as part of the £ 20 billion Clean Air Fund. In Bath, the local council is already leading the Clean Air Zone in reducing air pollution in many parts of the city.

A year after the ten-point plan, it is clear that the Government is delaying and insisting on climate change. We need a more ambitious and comprehensive system to achieve Net Zero.

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