Wear OS Will Finally Support Left-Handed Users—But It'll Cost You

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Google seems to be working hard to fix Wear OS 3 soon, fix bugs and add new ones. Instead, according to a Google team member, the thing that has been asked for years is on the way: supporting users on the left, even if I do.

A confirmation of this session has been found on Google Issue Tracker Page, “a Google employee said:” Our development team has met your request and will be available for new and future tools. “

As a result, users can rotate the 180-degree clock screen and use it upside down if needed. However, the small details that were pushed to the end of the term are frustrating and sandy on the face for long-term users. Now, anyone who wants or wants to use the left watch will need to purchase a new device.

If you can navigate the top of Google Story Tracker thread, you will notice that the section was first requested in April 2018. This was almost four years ago, and some users in the thread continued to ask for the section to be added later. In the meantime, users had to use third-party software to change the format.

We are pleased to see Google responding to a problem that has been around for a long time, but one that should be exacerbated years ago. Many of the respondents in the thread spoke offensively and took the time to say they had abandoned the Wear OS and switched to the Apple Watch, which has helped use the left hand for years.

However, progress is making progress. The show is here and many neglected people now have a way to use their Wear OS tool easily. Although the brief did not indicate that there may be a left-wing support for modern equipment, we hope to do so, even if it is only recently introduced to new equipment.

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