"Wall Street" Journal kritisiert Ampel für "fehlenden Ehrgeiz"

The new government is facing serious challenges: Fighting the epidemic should be urgently needed in the coming months, foreign media reported. In short.

Electricity: SPD, Greens and FDP have agreed on a contract agreement. This opens the way Olaf Scholz (SPD), who will be the new Chancellor. The actions of German journalists are mixed, but how do some countries view the future government’s plans?


“La Repubblica”, Italy: The plague was like a car accident

“Serious problems have multiplied history and politics: after a long reign of Angela Merkel social democracy goes back to the head of the German government. The widespread spread of the plague has served as a catalyst for the upcoming parties agreement forcing them to search quickly to agree on their program. (…)

Activities against the spread of the epidemic are taking place in Germany has come a long way, it will represent the most important tests for the new government, and also because it affects the instability of the federal system in Germany: first, the relationship between the federal government and the states. “

“The Times”, Great Britain: The automotive power plant guarantees four years of life

“The alliance should address the rapid rise in coronavirus infection and dissatisfaction in many cities at the same time. It should also play a leading role in testing. INE follow integrated mechanisms to protect EU citizens and maintain open borders.

In addition, Germany is setting the tone for the EU’s response to Russia’s escalating outrage, and it can address it. China, which has become an important export market, be very careful.

But Olaf Scholz will not be a squeamize about Great Britain. The terms of the agreement constitute a code of conduct for the Northern Ireland Protocol. Boris Johnson could face a stronger feeling in Berlin than the exhaustion of Angela Merkel. Scholz comes to office with a wealth of experience, free will and popular vote. Germany and its neighbors can expect four years of life. ”

“De Standaard”, Belgium: Germany is trying an interesting experiment

“Germany wants to be climate resilient by 2045. To achieve this ambitious goal, all governments and private institutions are involved.

According to the interlocutors, what the new group wants to include is not a lot of party responsibilities, but a very contradictory vision of how Germany can be green, cultural and free at the same time. It will be an exciting experiment: for the first time in the history of post-war warfare, Germany will be ruled by a coalition of three political parties seeking to eradicate the past. “

“Wall Street Journal”, USA: The German people voted for the Coalition of Sitting Out

“The new Chancellor to replace Angela Merkel will be Olaf Scholz. Her relative victory in the September vote was based on the idea that she would change slightly after Merkel’s time, but not too much. , the key elements of the alliance agreement affect the weather, and it was the price Scholz had to pay for the Greens to raise.

Officials in the new government may be more important than the political program. Greens sir Annalena Baerbock he is expected to be a foreign minister and in this capacity he can demonstrate dissatisfaction with his party and violate human rights. Russia and promoting China. Politics will not change much, including the gas pipeline against Russia Nord Stream 2. But a strong tone may change slightly compared to Merkel’s.

If all of this sounds like nonsense, then why not. The Germans voted in favor of a government that could resolve important economic disputes or national policies. Voters’ aspirations became Scholz’s alliance. “

“El Mundo”, Spain: The country needs a strong government in Berlin

“It is good news and a great relief that Germany, Europe, the undisputed locomotive of Europe, will soon have a new government without delay. tackling this problem is an urgent need to monitor the state of the economy. Europe reduction.

And globally, especially at the EU Club, difficulties such as migration to the central border Poland and Belarus, recent conflicts with Russia or economic recovery plans threatened by the resumption of the epidemic. All of this is a challenge that requires strong leadership in Berlin. “

“L’Alsace”, France: Holding a traffic union together is not easy

“So Olaf Scholz from SPD will be the next Chancellor. This task of maintaining the motley alliance will not be easy. The new German political leaders must now prove not only in their words but in their actions.” It can include mitigation measures and economic growth, climate change and social change, such as cannabis acceptance. “

“De Telegraaf”, Netherlands: An active government in Germany

“While the governing body in The Hague is waving its fingers in the middle of the epidemic, there is an agreement in place in Germany. “In the Netherlands, elections were held in March, in Germany only at the end of September.”

“NZZ”, Switzerland: co-operation agreement is not guaranteed

“The allies are aware of the problems they are facing in the country, but on the way to the solution they often go astray in the jungle. Remaining power was his silent word, while everything else was on the ground. Just sit and talk.

But perhaps there is also a smaller size: the Greens boss Robert Habeck said a significant ruling Wednesday: he promised ‘a working Germany’. Nothing much has happened in the epidemic, so the SPD, Greens and FDP will already have enough to achieve this. Interpersonal relationships are surprisingly quiet. However, the agreement seems to have come at the expense of non-alignment that benefits the union and not the country. “

“Kommersant”, Russia: a light drive ready to negotiate with Russia

“From the agreement it follows that Berlin should have a constructive dialogue Moscow is ready and also wants to allow Russian citizens up to 25 years to enter for free. New Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has not only appeared once in a series of reprimands in Moscow, but is calling on the governments of the Russian Federation not to rush into action. It should be noted that the Chancellor has always dominated German politics in relation to Russia.

Overall, the role played in Russia’s relations is one of strengths: the authors of the treaty speak of mutual opportunity rather than differences of opinion. The controversial issue of the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline has been dropped, which gives the new government more freedom to negotiate with Russia and the USA. It is also clear that politicians are hoping that the war talks between Russia and the US will continue – and that they see the need to include China here. “

Complete contract agreement You will find it here of download.

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