Virat Kohli steps down from his role as the captain of the India Test team

Virat Kohli has resigned as captain of the Indian Examination Team.

The 33-year-old led his country in cricket for a while in Australia for the fifth time in 2014 before taking over from MS Dhoni at the end of the series.

During his tenure as captain of India, Kohli helped them to a top spot in the ICC Test rankings and saw them finish last in the World Test Championship Final last summer.

Kohli said on Twitter: “It has been seven years of hard work, perseverance and hard work every day to stand up for the right path.

“I have been very honest in my work and have not given up on myself. Everything has to be stopped at some point and for me as the Test captain India and now.

“There have been many challenges and other setbacks on the journey, but there has never been a lack of effort or lack of faith.

“I always believe that I have to give 120 percent of everything I do, and if I can’t do that, I know it’s not the right thing to do. I have a clear message in my heart and I cannot be unfaithful to my team. “

I have worked very honestly and have never left anything behind. Everything has to stop at some point and for me as the captain of the Indian Test, now

The Indian veterans left the Twenty20 captaincy after the IT20 World Cup in November and were re-appointed as one-day captain with Rohit Sharma in December.

Kohli, who coached the Indian football team 68 times, won 40 games but signed following a 2-1 home defeat in South Africa this week.

He added: “I would like to thank the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) by giving me the opportunity to lead my country for a long and important time for all the players who bought the vision I had for the team from day one and not to give up in any situation. You guys have made this trip memorable and beautiful.

“For Ravi Bhai (Shastri) and the support team that was the engine of this car that always elevates us to the top of the Test cricket, you have all played a vital role in making this vision come alive.

“Finally, thank you very much to MS Dhoni who trusts me as a captain and has found me to be a very successful Indian cricketer.”

Kohli played 99 Test matches and played 7,962 games on average 50.39.

He has passed the 27-year Test but has not passed three redball numbers in his home country since November 2019, 15 games and 27 innings.

“BCCI thanks Virat Kohli for the good leadership that made the Test team even higher than before,” he read on Twitter.

“He led India in 68 games and has been the best captain in 40 appearances.”

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