US’ DoorDash requires all employees to deliver food monthly – should S’pore firms do the same?

An employee of the American food delivery company DoorDash made headlines and sparked controversy last December after raising an anonymous statement about the company reinstating its WeDash program.

The company policy – established in 2013 but suspended since 2020 due to the epidemic – requires DoorDash and C-suite managers to be able to provide one meal, support a kitchen or customer service department once a month.

Photo Credit: Blind

This can allow anyone in the company – from its developers to their boss – to see the results of its operations. Ultimately, this helps their team create better products and services for customers.

Should Singapore catering companies follow suit?

There were various opinions on WeDash

One of the reasons why DoorDash reintroduced its WeDash principles is because of its control over food distribution in the US. According to Bloomberg Level Two, accounted for 57 percent of food in the US in November 2021.

While some employees were not happy with the WeDash model and threatened to leave, others saw the value.

Among the 2,000 comments at the bottom of Blind’s anonymous page, some found it helpful to better understand their work.

Interestingly, DoorDash users also went to the social networking site to express support for the project. Many have found that this move could help change for high-end users, restaurants and users.

One well-known voice that kept the controversy going? Compassion.

jeremy goldman twitter doordash
Photo credit: Jeremy Goldman on Twitter

In the meantime, efforts to better protect the rights of workers on the gig economy focus more on what the government is doing.

Last July, China ordered food truck drivers to be paid more than the minimum wage, to be allowed to enter into contracts, and to have access to public safety. It also banned the platform from imposing “unreasonable demands” based on algorithms on its operators.

Separately, the European Union also provided requirements on the financial gig platforms to give its employees the right to work as low wages and sick pay in December 2021.

In Singapore, food truck drivers are not fully protected

Singapore is well-known for its controversial financial security reforms.

PM Lee ndr speaking 2021
Photo Credit: PMO

At the National Day Rally last year, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong appointed food service drivers, describing them as “for all purposes as workers”, yet lacking the benefits of labor.

Despite the growing number of Singaporeans participating in the gig economy – self-employed people are being made 14.7 percent Singapore workers in 2020, up from 13.5 percent in 2019 – are not eligible to receive Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions.

Known as self-employed, they have no contracts with workers and suppliers and are excluded from security under the Employment Act. They no longer have the security of the alliance, PM Lee confirmed.

While not being a full-time worker gives them extra freedom to choose when they want to work, motorists are often punished for failing to meet certain requirements.

They should also not be offered health benefits. However, a quick search on the Grab, foodpanda and Deliveroo pages revealed that it provides insurance for operators when they ship quickly.

Execs should walk down to listen carefully

catch ceo anthony tan grabfood delivery
Photo credit: Anthony Tan

Grab CEO Anthony Tan freely described his experience walking down the aisle – from working in the kitchen to hiding the company’s former driver.

At the time of Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit Last September, Grab CEO Anthony Tan shared his experience as a kitchen runner which made him realize that some kitchen workers had a problem handling English and English.

As a result, they came up with the idea of ​​translating their own payslips once the order was printed.

By having the initial knowledge down, employees are able to better understand how their work affects others. With help, whether it is the opinion of the seller or the supplier, the nuances that may have been missed can be identified and resolved quickly.

While asking for answers may be helpful, empathy based on prior knowledge can make employees more enthusiastic about their work and more productive.

From a consumer perspective, a company that has compassion for its future employees is also a plus. In 2020, the smart company Morning Consult he found that 90 percent of consumers said it was important for companies to treat their employees well.

In the meantime, changes could be made to the supply chain drivers as the Singapore government has announced its establishment. advisory committee for platform operators in September 2021.

But beyond government regulations, perhaps Singapore catering companies need to get a page from DoorDash to better protect its employees who are the backbone of their company.

While it may be difficult to establish from the point of view, corporate policies that require its employees and C-suites to negotiate can improve the performance of their companies to its customers, logistics and business.

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