US Court To Gruyere Cheese People: No, You Can't Ban People From Calling Their Cheese Gruyere If They Aren't Your Neighbors

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One of the most irritating things about intellect is when local organizations try to shut down words or language around certain types of things with the assertion that the community alone can do something. If you are familiar with this concept, the first thing you should jump into your mind might be one French wine press. control on the word “champagne” in some places. Another example would be the alliance of Belgian chocolate makers who are trying to say this none he can declare “Belgian chocolate” only after he comes from one of them. It’s all very silly, because it tries to take words that everyone recognizes that describe the style of things and turn them into a closed language to be controlled by the creators. As I said, foolishly, though, most of the time, these consortiums find their way.

This was not the case in the United States for a group of cheese makers in France and Switzerland in the area around Gruyeres, who tried to make the word “gruyere” known. After the US Dairy Export Council rejected the ban, and the USPTO acquired the right once and rejected the work on the grounds that generic words, Interprofession Du Gruyere and Syndicat Interprofessionel du Gruyere took the matter to the Eastern District of Virginia courts only. find a judge there is an authority against it.

After a lengthy debate, a U.S. District Court judge ruled that Gruyere cheese should not come from the Gruyeres region, Switzerland to be named Gruyere, writing in his ruling that Americans do not agree with cheese. that town. The Interprofession du Gruyère and the Syndicat Interprofessionel du Gruyère – organizations representing the Swiss and French Gruyere, respectively – filed the lawsuit after denying the protection of the word “Gruyere” last year.

“It is clear from history that the word GRUYERE probably in the past referred to cheese from Switzerland and France,” the judge wrote, according to the AP. “However, many years of importing, manufacturing, and selling cheese labeled GRUYERE produced outside the Gruyère region in Switzerland and France have distorted the meaning of the term and made it generic.”

All of this legal action follows months of two foreign teams sending letters of all kinds to various American dairy companies that make grated cheese. Unsupported, threatening letters often come up with ideas about what these companies should call their cheese instead: alpine cheese and whole mountain cheese and some of the silly ideas.

Now, when both parties have stated they want to appeal the decision, it would be better if this only allowed the cases to continue. There is no release of this bell; The American people have been eating gruel cheese all the time right now and I would love most of them, like me until I write this, unaware that the Swiss city of Gruyeres exists.

What’s next? Belgian style ales can’t be called that unless they come from that country? IPAs that could just start, surprisingly, in England? Or we may be trying to make excuses for not doing something that we should have done.

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