Un groupe de tourisme se félicite de la « poussée » des réservations

The Keswick Tourism team receives a ‘push’ on the reservation

3 days ago

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Keswick, which returns to Derwentwater, became a popular tourist destination

A group of tourists in the Lake District have praised the so-called “quantity” of 2022 reserves.

In the first week of January, bookings on the Keswick Tourism Association’s free platform went ahead of the epidemic.

They were twice as high as in January 2020, before the coronavirus.

It was also followed by a busy holiday season with December reserves rising by 28% compared to December 2019.

The trip is worth $ 3 billion a year to the entire Lake District economy, but the first year of the epidemic saw the number drop by two-thirds.

Vanessa Metcalfe, director of tourism for the agency, which aims to promote Keswick, support businesses and reduce the negative effects of travel, called it “promotion”.

He said: “Despite the hardships of workers and retailers, many of our members also spoke of a very busy Christmas and New Year, and the reservation of such places shows that 2022 is a good start.”

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