Two waterborne Dames top New Year Honours List

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The best decorated Olympian and New Zealand Paralympian players have added another title to their list.

Dame Lisa Carrington and Dame Sophie Pascoe, co-athletes, were named in the 2022 New Year’s Honors list for their achievements. (The third woman to receive the highest honor today is Dame Marie Shroff, Cabinet Secretary from 1987 to 2003 and then Privacy Commissioner until 2014.)

Carrington and Pascoe have 25 Olympic and Paralympic medals between them – 16 gold – and are two of the 11 Kiwi women in the sport at this year’s event.

Dame Sophie Pascoe, Dame Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit

The family of New Zealand Paralympian winner has received a late, but very special, Christmas gift this year.

Dame Sophie Pascoe kept the news of her new theme from her family as she set up camp in Golden Bay this summer, wanting to surprise.

The first person the swimming legend told was a woman who calls him a “great helper” – her daughter, Yvonne – on the phone, before telling her friend, Rob, privately after work.

“Everyone was so happy for me,” says Pascoe, who had never told anyone about her beauty to this day.

Sophie Pascoe and her proud nana, Yvonne Goodman, at the 2012 London Paralympics. Photo: provided.

At first surprised when he received the email, Pascoe’s humility was evident, thinking of all the other qualified people out there, and admitting that he still adhered to the honor.

“As athletes we do not prepare for the sport, so to receive one of our performances and how we can contribute to our team and the world, I am honored,” he said.

The 28-year-old won his first Paralympic medal at the 2008 Beijing Games at the age of 15, and has won 19 medals at four Paralympic Games.

Pascoe, who became a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2009, also has a long list of people to thank: “… To my parents, to a friend, to my family and friends and then obviously Roly, my teacher., My support team. , Team Pascoe who works with me every day to become the best athlete I can be. “

He also wants to thank the Kiwi every day for helping him.

“It’s a team that saves you for what you do, I couldn’t do it on my own and it’s a big part of this legacy. They are the ones who helped me achieve my dreams and become a person and a runner like me,” he says.

Known as a model for the disabled and the Paralympian team, Pascoe was named New Athlete of the New Zealand Para Athlete of the Decade at this year’s Halberg Awards, and also won four medals at the Tokyo Paralympics – a tough Covid-based campaign. to the swimmer.

Qualifying for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games to take place in April, Pascoe has just shot in one event – 100m freestyle.

Moreover, he did not participate in any of the competitions.

“Anything long after the Comm Games, I wasn’t very prepared,” he says. “I’m leaving as an open door to see if I can continue or get out of the pool. At the moment I’m not so sure.”

Sports Minister Grant Robertson said of Pascoe: “He will be the last Dame in New Zealand, but there is no doubt about his rightful place in our sporting history.

“Sophie has had an amazing career. She first appeared on the world scene when she was just 13 years old and hasn’t stopped doing very well ever since.”

Dame Lisa Carrington, Dame Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit

Dame Lisa Carrington has a Kiwi summer spree – chatting with whānau on her hometown on Ōhope.

His performance is not uncommon, however, as he became the most decorated Olympian in New Zealand this year; His three gold medals from Tokyo added to his two existing gold and one bronze.

Carrington was horrified when he received the news that he would be a Dame.

“I appreciate the work I have done and the things I have achieved so far in my work, but I also thank all the people who support me in what I am doing,” said the boatman, who was not defeated in K1. 200m event since 2011.

“My friend, Bucky, my whānau and my friends, my Canoe Racing NZ-trained friends and friends – the list is long.

“Mai coach, Gordy [Walker], has been with me all along and our unity continues to grow ever stronger. “

There should be no relief for the winner of the Halberg’s Sportswoman of the Decade Award – the 32-year-old is already volunteering to compete in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

In addition to his work, Carrington supports and trains young riders at their home club in Ōhope, and helps Canoe Racing NZ develop the sport.

Although Carrington’s ideology is based in Paris, his new title is still unsettled.

“I’m still in the middle of the round – I think it will take time for the magnitude of that respect to enter.” (Like Pascoe, Carrington is also a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit, from the 2013 New Year Honors).

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said this morning: “Lisa and Sophie are the most successful Olympian and Paralympian.

“No one who saw them will ever forget Lisa Carrington’s precious days on the water in Tokyo earlier this year. But he is much more than our great Olympian. Humble and kind, she is a good role model for girls and boys across the country and continues to retaliate by training young riders.

“Sophie Pascoe is our senior Paralympian, having won 19 medals in four Paralympic Games. The offender and producer, is a good example among people with disabilities and promoting equality.. “

Some women play with caregivers being honored today:

Dr Michèle Hawke, Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit

Dr Michèle Hawke’s legacy of fitness is spreading around the world, judging competitions around the world. Before becoming a qualified judge of the Federation of International Gymnastics in 1980, he studied at the University of Auckland, receiving his PhD in geology and world science in 1983.

Hawke set up a New Zealand development training team, a program to help young athletes achieve their potential – some will represent New Zealand at international competitions and the Commonwealth Games. She is now leasing her expertise as chair of the New Zealand Women’s Technical Committee.

Gaye Bryham, New Zealand Order of Merit Officer

Gaye Bryham’s work at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) incorporates his academic and sporting interests. In 2000, he became the deputy dean of AUT’s School of Sport and Recreation, a position he still holds – a testament to his commitment to the two divisions. Bryham also helped establish AUT Millennium, a health and fitness center dedicated to fitness and community sports as well as health and fitness.

Celia Patrick, New Zealand Order of Merit Officer

First New Zealander in the International Tennis Federation, Celia Patrick has been an important part of New Zealand Tennis for the past decade. His work to establish relationships with stakeholders in local teams encouraged tennis in New Zealand, and his 40-year experience has also contributed to the development of the sport worldwide.

Jane Tehira, Officer of New Zealand Order of Merit

Overcoming many obstacles as a Māori athlete in the 1950s, Jane Tehira was the first woman to play in New Zealand in three sporting codes. Representing his country in basketball, softball and hockey, he was inducted into the Māori Sports Hall of Fame in 2006. Conquering seven national titles along the way, Tehira also played netball and rugby and was a natural leader, leading several teams in Akarana.

Laura Thompson, New Zealand Order of Merit Officer

Laura Thompson holds five Paralympic medals for her title as a pilot, breaking world record at the London 2012 Games with Phillipa Gray. After retiring after collecting a silver and bronze medal at the Rio 2016 Games with Emma Foy, Thompson changed to coach. In 2020, he was selected as the Te Hāpaitanga program, supporting his coaching career and his role as coordinator of the development of the Paralympics New Zealand country.

Bev Douglas (left, with Silver Fern Jane Watson) has been recognized for his career in New Zealand NETball. Photo: Michael Bradley Photography.

Beverley Douglas, a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit

Bev Douglas is a legend in New Zealand netball, with his dedication of more than 50 years. His expertise has been used in a variety of roles, including as team manager, board member and netball reader. He was the manager of the New Zealand U21 team that won the 1992 World Youth Championships in Fiji. In 2015, Douglas was elected President of Netball New Zealand, a position he held until 2019.

Marilyn Moffatt, member of the New Zealand Order of Merit

Prior to joining the Lyall Bay Surf Life Saving Club in 1971 at the age of 14, Marilyn Moffatt was one of the New Zealand women’s gymnasts, having won three national titles and an international competition. He has also spent time as treasurer, board member and team manager at Wellington Surf Lifesaving. Her commitment to reducing women’s barriers to sailing life made her the best candidate for President of Surf Life Saving New Zealand in 2019, she was the only second mother to hold the position.

Rosalie Wrathall, member of the New Zealand Order of Merit

Rosalie Wrathall was the first woman to become President of Tūrangi Golf Club and led her career in promoting and supporting women’s sports. In her more than 40 years playing golf, Wrathall was a member of the New Zealand Women’s Golf Association, and has won numerous titles on the pageant.

Ina Hansen, Queen of the Queen’s Ministry

Along with coaching at Tawa College for 38 years, Ina Hansen has also touched the lives of rugby players throughout Wellington. Since coaching her son’s team in 1973, Hansen became chairman of the Wellington Secondary Schools Rugby Union in 1991 – the first woman to do so.

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