Twitter Rips Hollywood Press For Ignoring Ansel Elgort Sexual Predator Claims While Gushing Over West Side Story

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Monday night was the biggest Hollywood drama West Side Story (NYC event), and the whole town is making a noise. Although the lighting ban has not been lifted, that happens first Steven Spielberg‘s thinking about classic Stephen Sondheim (RIP) songs released.

Critics are already appreciating the bold images, beautiful choreo, and yes, bright young people led by newcomers. Rachel Zegler and (gulp) Ansel Elgort.

The problem with that? Ansel Elgort was indicted last year to seduce and abuse a young lover.

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For those who did not see the evil, another girl named Gabby wrote his article on Twitter – along with a photo with Son of Driver stars and spectacles of what he says he communicates with her via direct message Snapchat. He wrote down how he met, and shared receipts:

“Ansel Elgort abused me when I was 17. I scolded her two days before my 17th birthday and I found her secret Snapchat. I don’t think she would ever see my dm again that I was a child and I love her.”

He went on to describe in detail how Ansel allegedly pushed him to have sex with her even though he wanted to quit:

“Then when it happened instead of asking me if I wanted to stop having sex I knew it was my first time and I was crying in pain and I didn’t want to do it the only words that came out of his mouth were ‘we want. to break. ”

Ick. He continued:

“I DID not have that idea in my mind. I isolated myself and felt like my mind was gone I was wondering if I could not leave I was 5’2 and 98 pounds. It made me think that this is what sex should be like. ”

He also said Ansel was well aware of the age he was – 17, the same age as Rachel Zegler when he was thrown to play. Son of DriverLove interest in the new video. He was 20 years old.

“I WAS A CHILD AND HE KNEW THIS. He also said things like ‘you will be a very beautiful girl when you grow up’. I was a f ** king 17. He not only did that but he asked me naked. I was only 17 years old. Also I asked to be with me and one of my ‘dancing dancers’ was young and I didn’t tell anyone because he said ‘it could ruin his career’ I stayed there for several months. I wonder what I did wrong. I wonder why I felt so used. A few years later I have ptsd, I am scared I go to get help. ”

Ansel he confirmed that he had sex and Gabby but he painted the scene in a different way, calling it a “brief, legitimate and fully connected relationship.” 17 is the legal time for NYC, but a man should describe your relationship as technically “legal”. It also seemed as if he was saying that the girl was just acting shamelessly because he did not call her after she left him. The highest.

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However, after Gabby’s arrival, at least three others shared Ansel’s online comments to fans between the ages of 15 and immediately – and yes, there were pictures of DMs saying:

(c) Twitter

What would have been thought of as “said,” to some began to look like a system.

Even then we were wondering what Spielberg would do if he delayed the film and started over. But the recording had already taken place. Sure, he could pull a Ridley Scott and digital instead lead Christopher Plummer, but rather he is 20th Century Studios (formerly Fox, now Disney) chose to ignore the allegations altogether.

Now the movie is getting good reviews, which is coming back to haunt them a bit – as most people on the internet have never forgotten. Here are some of the answers Ansel says he was swept away by a Hollywood press:

“So because the new West Side story looks so good, just praise Ansel Elgort while ignoring the allegations? As bestie there are some people we can talk to.”

“I do not believe that Ansel Elgort repeatedly sought out young chicks and abused them and there is evidence of that and they remain on stage.”

“Hollywood is a very deceitful monarch.

“What Ansel Elgort did after this great controversy last year. Ahhh being a rich white connected!

“Now the western story has started, here’s a reminder not to agree with ansel elgort. He doesn’t deserve anything and that he was portrayed as someone who is in a relationship with a middle-aged man is dangerous.”

“Please just re-record the video with anyone other than Ansel Elgort. CGI to Paul Giamatti on everything I care about.”

Oh, and it would have been unthinkable that DJ Ansolo was not afraid of any fall, at the show he said he saw his 17-year-old friend playing in his high school after he was thrown, so… yeah.

[Image via 20th Century Studios/YouTube/Twitter.]

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