Trump Will Hold A Stale Rally Saturday Night In An Entirely Changed World

There are two reasons why there is no reason to look when Trump held his last “meeting”. First of all, when he once meant everything, all the meetings are meaningless now. And second, in a short time, the whole Trump administration has changed. It was a month ago that some of us on this page stated that Merrick Garland was intent on allowing the most serious criminal case against the United States government to be investigated (by law enforcement officials) and not punished. It was yesterday when Michigan filed a motion for the State College Electoral Commission (DOJ) to contest the by-elections.

The floodgates of the floodgates are now open. Prior to Trump’s trial on January 6, international coercion, conspiracies, phone calls, are now in Garland’s hands whether he wants to deal with them or not. It was also yesterday when the Ministry of Justice filed the first of January 6 conspiracy to commit treason.

The case may have sparked panic in the queues of 12 or more members of the MAGA House suspected of involvement in the January 6 riots.

When Trump takes the stage this afternoon, he will do so in the midst of a war with “old crow” Mitch McConnell. It is true that Trump is a former president and a man who controls pre-election elections (as opposed to elections), Mitch McConnell would not have lasted so long as a Republican leader in the Senate if he had not won. more battles than what he has lost.

What else?

More. The site was the first to report that a video of Kayleigh McEnany reappeared yesterday, on December 17, pointing to Electoral College’s obtained certificates, confirming – at least, that this “fraudulent plan” was not properly maintained. a secret within the walls of the White House, with Trump insulated. Kayleigh volunteered to witness to the Housing Selection Committee two days ago. Many people spoke freely to the Select Committee, so it seemed that a member of a different committee appeared at each show. He dropped small cannons behind a small canvas, the things he had learned, all the way to the top of Trump’s straight head, almost mocking him with what he knew. The real purpose was to inform the remaining remnant, who refused to testify, that the Committee knew the answer to almost every question they might ask, and therefore, to refuse at their own risk.

About two weeks ago the Committee began talking about a major spring season. No one wants to be in a good mood until they achieve what they want everyone to see.

Therefore, when the last time Trump took the stairs to the angry “Gloria” court and then the MAGA song was stolen from Ronald Reagan, Lee Greenwood “God Bless the USA, Trump was not afraid to face anything.” Today, his world has changed.

Like any other group, cold-blooded kids already know things before they know much. It would not be a coincidence that only the people who shared the stage tonight with Trump would be unashamed for the Qanon crazies, while Mitch McConnell has provided comments supporting the Committee. Wednesday, Sen. Mike Rounds said Trump lost, fair and big. Washington may have been aware of a change of location a week or two ago. As Trump takes over the podium tonight, the country is feeling the winds of change.

The question for those of us who are forced to watch these speeches is whether there is anything tonight that Trump himself knows.

Jason Miciak is a political writer, co-author, writer, and lawyer. She is originally from Canada but grew up in the Pacific Northwest as two Canadian-American citizens, whom she deeply appreciates every day. He now enjoys life as a single man, writing from the Gulf Coast, receiving advice from his beloved daughter and friend. He is a very magical magician who can add and love dogs more than most people. She also enjoys studying cooking, theoretical physics, cosmology, and quantum mechanics. He loves pizza.

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