Travel Counsellors: TC Together Again

There was a great feeling this morning when I arrived at the Druids Glen Hotel for Travel Counselors TC Together. It was the first human experience in two years, so I was looking forward to meeting Traveling Advisers and making new and old friends.

Cathy Burke and Bernie Whelan have put forth great effort to make the day a reality. The day started with a series of successful mentors who arrived at the venue from across the country who had not seen each other for about two years.

Travel Guides

Ciara MacConnell, MC of the day welcomed us and was followed by Cathy Burke, Managing Director, Travel Counselors Ireland who was delighted to see so many mentors moving forward. Cathy said that ‘the noise of seeing everyone eating coffee this morning was amazing’.

For those who could not afford it today, they were able to preview the look of the event. Travel Advisers has recently benefited greatly from the launch of their TCTV experience. Despite the epidemic, TCs found a way to live together more than ever before.

Our first speaker of the day was Gearoid Mannion of TC, who spoke about his story with Travel Travelers and how he has survived and excelled in the last 20 months. Jim Eastwood talked about how TCs can reach out, share and transform their customers and how to look to the future. Next up to tell their story was Mandy Walsh, this was an inspiring and inspiring story.

Mandy mentioned how travel helps her and this is true for all of us on travel.

Bernie Whelan, Business Development Manager for Travel Counselors Ireland spoke about the future of bringing travel consultants together, including the latest ‘TC World’ updates for Travel Advisors.

Bernie Whelan speaking at TC Together

In the morning they would not have been without some recognizable rewards. The TCs recognized by their TC counterparts for their teamwork, support and hard work are:

Mandy Walsh, Sinead Lonergan, Fidelma Brady and Annette McCann.

After lunch, vendors were invited to attend the meeting. Travel Advisers are aware of the amazing relationships they have with traveling companies, this is evident throughout the arena. The whole evening was for ‘POW WOW’. Every travel consultant had the opportunity to interact with each salesperson and it was fun to find and discuss the best of the future.

The big day was with everyone. Thank you so much to the Traveling Advisors for being so interesting!

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