Town needs to get out into the country to understand emissions reduction

Global warming

The visit to Waipukurau reminds Climate Change Commission chair Rod Carr of the New Zealand region, and the importance of working together to reduce agricultural emissions.

Aotearoa has led the world in food and fiber, with the agricultural sector underpinned by a desire for change and innovation.

If we want to maintain that record, effective action against climate change is beneficial. We can use this time to take advantage of opportunities rather than face the growing challenges of abandonment as consumer preferences, new technologies and external regulators are associated with a shorter life expectancy.

Agriculture is an important part of the economy and our export culture, which is why not only reducing agricultural emissions but also the way we do it is very important in Aotearoa.

Farmers, almost all of whom I have been relatives or acquaintances, work hard, take care of their land and livestock, appreciate the communities they are part of and have a firm belief that the food and fiber they produce make New Zealand prosperous. while making the world a better place.

I was at a family meeting in Waipukurau recently – my wife’s family is from there. They are good people and a reminder of the power of rural and rural areas of New Zealand.

When we recently saw the country coming to this town, with a reminder the town has to go to the country to understand one of the great things that makes us New Zealand.

Working together

Agricultural fumes are usually composed of nitrous oxide and biogenic methane, and any effort to reduce global warming may help to reduce global warming. We know that methane has a high temperature in the early years but will reduce it for many years to come, and our 2050 targets (including the 2030 methane target) reflect this.

Working together, with the help of clear policies, we have the opportunity to switch to low-carbon and high-risk agricultural practices – to strengthen agricultural practices wisely and to support each other to reduce emissions from farms and through marketing and market access methods. .

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Instructions of the Commission Right now has developed measures to reduce emissions in agriculture.

Through interviews, we spoke to many people in the agricultural sector – and we know that there are many who are already doing good work in reducing emissions.

What is needed is a clear approach that the Government, iwi / Māori and regional leaders have agreed on how we will eliminate air pollution.

Measurement, monitoring and output rates

The Commission is currently in the process of formulating guidelines for agricultural prices in Aotearoa, with the Government due to make a decision by the end of 2022. The corporate and government alliance, He Waka Eke Noa, is also preparing a directive to issue to the Ministry in April 2022.

The commission’s role is to monitor progress in measuring and monitoring emissions from farms, as well as whether farmers are ready to participate in the pricing process. We will see how this can be done in a way that recognizes and rewards smoke reduction on farms.

Our advice should also consider assistance – if available – should be provided to participants in such a way.

We understand that in order to provide the advice that if the pricing policy can be met and this will reduce air pollution on the farm, we should talk to people who have knowledge and expertise in the first place. We will be working with various groups on this in the coming months.

A well-planned pricing system will provide a clear result for farmers, so that they can become smarter and find solutions that work for them and their fields. Aotearoa is a multicultural world with a diverse population – and energy can be found in those differences, as well as the potential for change and growth.

And while we are clear in our analysis that emissions rates have an important role to play, they are only one part of the solution to reducing agricultural emissions. The government cannot rely on price-fixing as the only tool.

Action is needed

Right now It was clear that additional policies and funding would be needed to drive innovation and research and development, as well as to support and facilitate the implementation of new ventilation technologies and systems in all areas.

This ranges from developing a long-term R&D plan for agricultural emissions to support the deployment of air-conditioning systems and equipment.

In order to meet the expectations of the people – and the sector – who have requested a clear and consistent approach, Government must also improve the implementation of these other policies and funding to reduce emissions in agriculture. We look forward to seeing evidence of this when the Gender Reduction Act is released in May 2022.

Leading the way

We know that what we have outlined in our policy-making strategy will require a lot of work from farmers, but our research has shown what we can achieve with the tools we have today. And we know that as technology continues to grow and as farmers discover new ways of doing things, effective and feasible ways to reduce emissions will happen faster.

The responsibility for reducing emissions is not just for farmers – the change will require the efforts of research teams, consultants, banks, equipment dealers, transport operators, processors, supervisors, business consultants, industry leaders, and politicians.

Smoke reduction will be needed for the economy and society as a whole, especially how we generate and use energy, how we move, and how we earn money and live our lives.

We know that we need to reduce agricultural emissions, and that everything can make a huge difference.

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