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What is IoT?

IoT is an acronym for Internet of Things. More recently, it has become a way of connecting things from the real world to the internet and making more of it from there. The amount of data provided by the tracker and equipment is huge, but it can be used to make our lives more comfortable. This is where we need modern technology that can summarize.

Why did the idea to create an IoT come up?

The modern world is built around knowledge. It is impossible to imagine a business that does not collect data about its customers. Without customer information, businesses would not know how to change and what to do. That is why the world needed technological know-how to enable these devices to share products quickly and safely.

Another problem is how to select all the data that people collect every second. So the next step is to plan and analyze it. This is what IoT is all about, different types of platforms that offer different solutions to the aforementioned problems.

How can we use IoT?

The Internet of Things is an essential tool for doing business. It enables traders to track valuable information, such as customer preferences or competitors’ experiences, in order to adapt.
However, it is not only businesses that should be interested in IoT. It is a reality that has already surrounded us. It is a technology that enables us to rent bicycles, cars, scooters, or direct our home appliances through the mobile app.

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How does it work?

The IoT platform consists of four main components, namely:

  • Device
    The device has a sensor or tracker that collects information about the owner or its surroundings and sends them to the IoT platform.
  • Edge Technology
    It is something that provides connection to the internet. In some cases, they may be able to make simple decisions, such as summarizing what they have received.
  • IoT software
    This is a very important part of the plot. The IoT platform puts together everything that is collected and processed in the environment. More can be stored or analyzed here.
  • Enterprise System
    These are programs that use what is collected in real life.

Well-known IoT costs

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular IoT currencies.

VeChain (VET)

VET and funding from the VeChain blockchain. The project provides solutions for a wide range of business ventures, such as food security, digital carbon & sustainability solutions, automotive passport solution, sales process, product response, natural gas solution, digital distribution solution, electronic document solution, and agricultural solution. .

VeChain seeks to make the market more visible by gathering and refining all the essentials.

VET money is used as “smart money”, in other words, used to trade on blockchain-based software. VET holders participate in voting for leadership elections. There is also the opportunity to earn money, because anyone can invest in VET.


FROM WHEN and the IOTA blockchain currency. The main objective of the project is to facilitate human-machine interaction and to build future automotive resources. IOTA uses the internet of natural resources to connect people and equipment.

The main new platform is Tangle, a node system that is programmed in a certain way to ensure performance. It keeps track of all events and ensures that the stored data can be trusted and will not be compromised.

MIOTA funds are used as a way to pay for blockchain transactions.

Helium (HNT)

HNT and a Helium blockchain coin. Helium seeks to form wireless foundations. It currently provides solutions to the following areas: smart agriculture, smart cities, environmental management, resource management and resource management, and smart water management.

HNT cryptocurrency is used to verify wireless coverage and participating devices online. HNT is dug and distributed to Hotspot Owners by investors as incentives.


IOST and the IOST blockchain currency. The name of the network is an acronym for Internet of Services Token. The main idea of ​​the project is to integrate service providers and blockchain developers into a single infrastructure. IOST uses its integrated protocol called Proof-of-Believability. The project is committed to providing the lowest and fastest payers to their clients.
IOST funds are used as a payment method for transactions and fines. They are also used to support PoB protocols and to provide incentives for network maintenance.

DigiByte (DGB)

DGB is a native brand of the DigiByte blockchain. The platform has three components:

  • Below it is a global node network. Anyone using DigiByte becomes a node.
  • The second part provides security and management. It is a booklet that records every event.
  • The third section contains functions based on the DigiByte blockchain.

DigiByte is currently known as one of the safest and fastest blockchains.

DGB funds are used as an online payment method. It is a cryptocurrency that helps to act very fast.


IOTX and funding from the IoTeX blockchain. The platform provides online responses to Things. The main goal of the project is to collect users, their tools, and all the data they generate. On most platforms assembled from the devices are connected to decentralized operations.

IOTX crypto enables owners to participate in decision-making by voting. It can also be sold or sold. Plus, it works as a way to update all Dapps. (FET)

FET and the blockchain symbol. The project was designed to lay the foundations for digital financial management. The platform is based on a shared ledger and facilitates machine learning to provide the opportunity to share information securely.

Fetch. . , smart houses, etc.

The FET mark is one of the most important features on the internet. They are used to build partners and connect them to the network, train independent assistants and assist in machine learning, installation and validation of network functions.

It is clear that the Internet of Things is a rapidly growing technology. The need for rapid growth comes from day-to-day needs. We need to have the ability to effectively manage and actively use the tools we have and the data we produce. It is true for individuals and businesses. With the advent of the internet and technology the use of several of these tools will increase. Right now everyone has the opportunity to choose an exciting career and participate in industrial development to contribute to the future.

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