Top 5 Payment Gateways for Cryptocurrency In 2021

Wondering which is the best way to cryptocurrency in 2021? You have come to the right place.

The attraction of fixed money that is not under the red tape of monitoring and evaluation has encouraged the amazing growth of the crypto industry.

Right now, there is the last one 5300 cryptocurrencies are being traded at a market value of $ 200 billion.

Crypto analysts also predict that the bitcoin market alone will grow to $ 630 million by 2025, meaning it will grow at a rate of 23.4% by 2025.

You need to ask yourself how crypto payment gateways can ensure that you give your customers the opportunity to pay using their favorite crypto.

With the popularity of crypto, many businesses have added crypto as a trading platform. This is where the payment gateways appear.

Businesses and organizations that use crypto to take action benefit from ever-changing ideas. Let’s see what they are, how they work, their benefits, and how they compare. Read on to find the answers to your questions.

What is Crypto Payment Gateway?

If you own an ecommerce business, there is a good chance that you already accept bank transfer by wire as payment methods.

Times are changing, and consumers around the world are looking for new ways to use crypto, and traders are beginning to accept crypto as a trading platform.

Traders can receive payments in any major crypto currency through crypto payment methods. Customers can pay in any crypto way they want as long as it is approved by the merchant.

It also converts crypto into fiat (legal currency), which facilitates faster transfers. Vendors can easily switch payments using a variety of tools offered on these processors. Customers can also access a number of incredible cryptocurrencies.

What else? The payment method will be integrated with other digital payment methods such as wire transfer, chip, and pin transaction.

Advantages of Crypto Payment Gateway

Payment gates have a number of advantages, including:

  • The accelerated run ends almost immediately, in contrast to conventional methods such as wire transmission. Payments can be sent and received gradually, so you do not need a day before payment.
  • Security- Users should be assured several times before payment is completed to ensure visibility and security for sellers and customers.
  • Economic- crypto payment gateways are cheap because they pay cheap or not pay at all. We can confidently say that it is much cheaper compared to traditional fiat methods.
  • Easy to use- The process of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies as payment, setting up a transfer, and converting it into other currencies or fiat has become simpler.

Additional benefits include advanced expertise, 24/7 customer service, and customized feedback for each user.

How does the Crypto Payment Gateway work?

In short, payment gateways for crypto works in different ways, but it is not different from the traditional. The difference is that they use only digital wallets and do not accept any kind of credit card.

The main function is to allow users to use different types of crypto as much as they can use to transfer to bank or debit cards.

As a dealer, you have to choose the different types of crypto that you can receive as payment based on what you have provided. Some offer more than $ 1000, while others are just bitcoin and crypto currencies rising as stable USDT currencies.

Some payment gateways offer personal wallets as well as exchanges or exchanges. You can connect the existing wallet to pass the exchange and save the money you would have spent over time.

For example, an American retailer has opted to accept crypto on their products. When purchases are made in crypto, they are stored in a personal wallet until the seller converts them into USD and transfers them to their account.

It enables the trader to convert currencies into various forms of crypto, for example, from BTC to Litecoin.

Here is a step by step guide to payment gateway:

  1. When the customer clicks on the ‘order’ exit, the browser immediately registers the payment. It sends the payment details in the crypto to the merchant server via the SSL network.
  2. The vendor transfers most of the customer payment information to the platform administrator via a secure SSL network.
  3. The admin then transfers the information to the paid gateway.
  4. Once the request is initiated, the processor sends a confirmation number that contains all the necessary information for the action.
  5. The confirmation code is sent to the app or browser.
  6. Finally, the page informs the customer that the payment has been successfully completed.

Although it may seem long, the whole process is completed in seconds.

Features of Crypto Payment Gateway Development

Here are some of the things you can expect:


  1. Landing page.
  2. Login / register.
  3. History.
  4. My wallet.
  5. Dashboard.
  6. Security.
  7. Account settings.
  8. Commercial equipment.
  9. Business history.
  10. Ticket handling method.

Admin updates

  1. Sign in.
  2. Admin dashboard.
  3. API group users.
  4. Customer service.
  5. Commission preferences.
  6. See user.

These things are very important because they ensure the safety of the environment.

5 Advanced Cryptocurrency Payment Methods

Now that you know about the role of crypto payment gateways, let’s take a look at the advanced ways to consider taking part in providing crypto payment systems to your customers.

The plot

The plot prides itself on the history of more than 700 merchants, 6 million customers and more than 7 years of experience in crypto.

Today, Coinpaid makes up 5% of all BTC sales. The leading crypto investor has set aside € 1.25 billion by 2020 and has already managed to spend 2.3 billion euros this year (August 2021). As of August 2021, Coinspaid has operated more than 9.5 million eCommerce businesses.

It is made up of SaaS processors, personal wallets, and multi-purpose business wallets. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, and other advanced digital currencies.

Traders can receive, store and exchange crypto currencies or use them to make additional payments through their crypto wallet.

Traders can also convert cryptocurrencies into standard currencies such as USD, AUD, and GBP. Coinpaid boasts over 50 currencies that users can exchange, plus at least 20 international currencies. It also offers a 0% penalty, and no hidden or future charges during the trading period.


  • Award: AIBC Summit Awards: Annual Payer and 1st crypto gateway to pass 2 security checkpoints (Kaspersky Labs & 10Guards).
  • The value of $ 5.35 billion.
  • For over 7 years serving online businesses.
  • High security, regularly checked by Kaspersky.
  • Highly flexible sellers can customize and expand the gateway they want.
  • Legal, commercial and technical assistance is available 24/7.
  • Lower fees and commissions.
  • Sharing competitive funds.
  • Low cost.


Established in 2014, Coingate has become a reliable and dependable platform for crypto lovers. It integrates with Shapeshift, allowing users to switch to all types of cryptocurrencies, and also offers various eCommerce platform plugins.


  • Payment with 1% commission.
  • It accepts various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.
  • Easy to use mobile app on all devices.
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals.


Coinpayments supports a wide range of crypto currencies that define its popularity in the crypto market.

The number of supported crypto is over 1200, and each of them can be converted to fiat on the platform. It also has one of the cheapest commissions that gives them the opportunity to compete among similar sponsors.


  • 0.5% minimum payment.
  • It integrates with all major ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify.
  • It is easy to use for Android and iPhone phones.
  • They offer up to 50% off on services such as hosting and investment.


The best thing about these payment gateways is the certainty of the two options. Users are guaranteed to act securely and quickly remove if Bitpay it also comes with a function that allows the dealer to set the removal speed.


  • Low performance is 1%.
  • Supports 90+ crypto wallet.
  • Approves 38 national currencies.
  • Transacts crypto, fiat and a combination of both.


Are you a small business owner looking for a way to pay for crypto? Opennode was created for small businesses who want to start accepting crypto as a trading platform.


  • Very fast action.
  • Removal of cheap and deposits.
  • Easy to navigate and easy to use.
  • Works with various ecommerce platforms.

The Takeaway

Crypto payment methods are useful for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and reach more customers.

Unlike high-powered and expensive fiat currencies for retailers, these gates are safer, easier to use, and cheaper.

As the adoption of cryptocurrency becomes more and more common, more and more players are entering the paid business.

The list has five top providers who have proven themselves to be reliable, responsive to customer feedback and affordable for all parties.

Use this as a guide in choosing a crypto payment method that suits your specific needs.

The right door should charge a lower fee, provide more services, ensure users are safe and have specialized customers.

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