Top 3 Cryptocurrencies To Buy In The Next 30 Days

Bitcoin thus the entire crypto market has faced major challenges in recent days. But now the price of Bitcoin seems to be down. It could rise again soon. So, this article is all about Top 3 cryptocurrencies which can be interesting for users to make a good profit in the next few days. Let’s take a closer look.

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies

BTC / USD Weekly chart – TradingView

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies: Ethereum (ETH)

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies

ETH / USD Weekly Chart – TradingView

The price of ether dropped wisely during pre-production. When Bitcoin suffered its worst hit for the first time in November, Ethereum he remained steadfast. In the final risk, however, the price of ether sometimes dropped below $ 3,000. In the meantime, the price has risen slightly and has returned to more than $ 3,300.

Many analysts predict that Ethereum has a potential target of about $ 10,000 at the moment. As a result, it now looks like a good opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies: Dogecoin (DOGE)

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies

DOGE / USD chart weekly – TradingView

With the exception of Ether, Dogecoin has been one of the most expensive cryptocurrencies in recent days. In particular meme funds like Dogecoin and Shiba You have increased significantly in the last few days. These funds still have a significant impact on the movement of new cattle.

In the second half of 2021, dogecoin was won by a new star among the meme currencies: Shiba You. During the year, however, DOGE made significant gains. The first and second phase of 2022 could also be a major development for Dogecoin. Therefore, you should not miss this opportunity now.

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies

LINK / USD weekly chart – TradingView

Tokenization will be one of the most popular crypto currencies in 2022 as well as in the years to come. Local divination plays a major role in this. Oracles helps to better capture data outside of the blockchain and make it available on the blockchain. Chainlink is now regarded as the best solution to these sermons.

In the wake of the Bitcoin market crash, the LINK price was able to withstand a decline. However, the cost of LINK tokens still appears to be very low. If the whole market is starting again, Chainlink could be one of the crypto currencies that users can use to make the most of it.

You can buy these cryptocurrencies on crypto exchanges Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitfinex.

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