Top 16 gift ideas for gadget lovers!

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NEWS – The holiday season is here and there is nothing to say about it more than trying to figure out what to take with all your friends and relatives! Gadgeteer is also here to help you with gift ideas on a variety of topics. So build and see what we have on the shelf! Also, please make sure you check out ours Black Friday Mega deal post too!

1. UCO Gear Arc Lightweight and Flashlight

Need a flashlight that can turn things on? Yes you do! The UCO Gear Arc is a clear, portable LED torch which has a dual-arc plasma lamp hidden inside the screen, filled with spring when you release it.

  • 100 lumens LED light, charging, and adjustable.
  • Fast, weather-resistant light using a dual-arc plasma lamp that burns 1400 degrees.
  • The house is made of waterproof aluminum and has a closed bezel, filled with springs.
  • 340mah Lithium Polymer battery charges via Micro USB
  • Flashlight and ignition both work with one button.

PricePrice: $ 19.99
Where to buy:

2. Enhance the Celero 5G smartphone

Does anyone in your household need a new smartphone but do not want to pay more? Boost Mobile has a new, unique offering phone. The Celero 5G has a 6.5 ″ screen, 16mp triple rear camera, 64 GB storage, 4 GB RAM, and 4000 mAh battery. The phone is running Android 11 and the connector has WiFi, Bluetooth, USB-C connector and a 3.5mm ear jackphone.

If you want a gift for another Boost Mobile user the phone is now down to $ 79.99.

Boost claims to have unlocked the phone after being on its network for a year. Celero 5G will use the T-Mobile network outside the box but closed to upgrade.

PricePrice: $ 79.99
Where to buy:

3. Carex SAD lamps

Carex Health Brands manufactures a line of illuminated lanterns to help people suffering from climate change. Their therapeutic properties contribute to SAD, energy, and health, among other things. SAD Carex solar panels have voted the best lighting lights for more than 35 years since they meet the needs of health professionals.

Find the lanterns you want and discount 20% at the end of their lantern questions.
On Friday Friday: BFCM: 30% FROM SHOP FROM 11/22 TO 11/30

PricePrice: $ 149.99
Where to buy: and Amazon

4. Olight flashlights

From flashlights to knives and other EDC weapons, Olight has you covered. If you are planning to buy an EDC holiday gift for your loved ones, you will be happy to know that you can receive an extra gift and purchase a holiday gift at some of Olight’s products. Olight is offering mega flash sales for Black Friday right now. Go to their website now to see everything EDC and the flashlight business.

Price: variety
Where to buy: Olight Store

Read our Olight’s comments to see what we think of their stuff.

5. Groove Life belt and storage rings

Nothing says I love you more than a belt! Wait, this belt is good! Groove Life smart belts are made of A380 aluminum alloy and have neodymium magnets in their starting pockets. Security and comfort are guaranteed when they look great!

Groove Life also has some nice silicone rings for men and women. Their mother Stackable ring comes in a variety of colors as well as modern colors. These rings look great on your finger and make sure your fingers are safe when using tools, work, and so on.


Price: variety
Where to buy:

6: River

Orbitkey offers customized bundles of customized gifts during the holiday season. You can choose between three different categories of Orbitkey Gift Sets.

  • Crazy Black Leather Touch With Blue Seam, integrated with Multi-Tool v2 *
  • The best Chestnut Brown Crazy Horse Leather with Black Stitching, integrated with Multi-Tool v2 *
  • Black Saffiano Leather Key Organizer with Black Stitching, built with All Black Clip v2

* Multi-Tool v2 – provides nine tools in 1 slim profile: box cutter, bottle opener, pry bar, flat-head screwdriver, PH2 Phillips-head screwdriver, letter opener, metric controller, royal controller, and file solid.

Orbitkey also has over 25% sales on Fridays on these sets.

Price: variety
Where to buy:

Read our Orbitkey reviews to see what we think of their stuff.

7. Adjustable Jelt X belts

Sign is a belt company Their flexible male and female belts are of various colors as well as two styles made of durable acetal plastic.

The Jelt X Adhesive Gloves have an easy-to-open magnetic barrier, and are made of gel strips mixed with the entire length of the inner belt to hold pants and prevent slippage. Jelt belts are made of recycled plastic bottles, manufactured in the USA, and part of the trade goes to American military support agencies.

With the appearance of Jelt Belts, they will be appreciated as special gifts this holiday season.

Price: $ 34 and up
Where to buy:

8. Tech 20 mobile phones

Tech 21 manufactures mobile phones that are fully secure and attractive and unique. The EVO Sparkle, Photo of EVO, and The high cost of EVO shares and some of the most recent developments by the company. You can find good news for both iPhone and Android users and help them protect their phone and style.

Go to Tech21 to view their Friday Deals where they offer 70% off on their various charges.

Price: variety
Where to buy: and Amazon

Read some of us Tech21 comments to see what we think of their stuff.

9. Aluminum Banks 2-IN-1 Magnetless Wireless Stands

Benks Aluminum 2-IN-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand is a MagSafe wireless charger for your iPhone that can also charge Apple Airpods or other wireless device instantly.

  • Magnetic seal with an angle of 15 °.
  • 15W wireless running.
  • The USB-C cable has a non-slip cushion at the bottom.
  • Build strong steel. They are available in black or white.

Banks offer full page discounts on Black Friday sales only. Use promotional codes:
20% FROM Ordering At $ 50 – Code: BF20
30% FROM Ordering At $ 100 – Code: BF30

Priceprice: $ 46.98
Where to buy:

10. ChefWave milk maker

Do you know someone who is reducing the sale of milk? ChefWave Milkmade milk maker can be the gift of their dreams. With 6 ChefWave Milkmade Non-Dairy Milk Maker Software, you can make spicy dairy products with seeds such as almonds, soy, and oat milk to name a few. Milkmade is easy to use and has easy protection.

PricePrice: $ 199.95
Where to buy: ChefWave and Amazon (save 20% off using coupon code: GADGET20MM)

See mine Comment by ChefWave Milkmade – I like and use it several times a week.

11. Twelvesouth Hover Duo

The Twelvesouth Hover Duo is a great gift for someone who loves to use their iPad in the kitchen or office. It supports your iPad or iPhone in any position, height, or angle you want.

  • Comes with a heavy desktop + shelf controller
  • The advantages of Facetime-time conversations and videos, are enhancing the iPad’s visibility.
  • Applications anywhere and everywhere.

PricePrice: $ 59.99
Where to buy: and Amazon

See our Comment on the Twelvesouth Hover Duo.

12. AirBubbl carrying air cleaner

AirBubbl is a personal, integrated filter available on CNN, Gadget Flow, Reader’s Digest, and The Times. This portable air purifier can remove 99 percent of airborne particles, pollutants, toxins, pollen, and viruses, including the human coronavirus. It achieves this by producing 10,000 gallons of fresh air, around an hour around you, the best gas in the world.

Offering a 25% discount on Black Friday Sale so hurry up!

PricePrice: $ 224.00
Where to buy:

13. Mavix Gaming seats

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, sports have skyrocketed, meaning that it will not be necessary for players and sports fans to take control of their health. Present an ergonomic chair chair this year with Mavix. The Mavix seats are designed for players who want a high-performance sports seat with comfort and back health as a priority.

Black Friday activities give you the opportunity to save 15% on all of their seats.

Price: $ 337 and up
Where to buy: and Amazon

See our Mavix seat reviews to know what we think of them.

14. X-Chair

Give a gift of comfort to someone you love very much! The X-Chair directs everyone’s work from home design with a comfortable and comfortable office chair.

It has a variety of chairs including chairs with built-in heaters, and coolers as well as massage therapies that use massage techniques to promote overall health.

Price: $ 359 and there
Where to buy:

See our X-Chair comments to know what we think of them.

15. Bear bears

Here is one of the rats’ exercise rats on your holiday shopping list. Bear Blocks are specially designed tools that allow you to push, push, and perform other exercises without injuring or widening your knees.

  • Anodized aluminum blocks
  • The large flat area distributes body weight throughout the width of your arm, preventing pain and pressure on the palmar arteries, which is a major concern for dumbbells and breathing apparatus.
  • You can push the pieces together to form a cube 3.5 inches deep and 4.5 inches wide, making them lightweight and easy to carry.

PricePrice: $ 49.99
Where to buy:

16. Apex Backcountry Sticks

Apex Backcountry Meat Sticks has a slightly sweeter, slightly smoky taste, with a hint of medium to medium-high texture. Although they are very tasty, they do not leave a lasting impression or remind you of what you had.

Apex Meat Sticks is high in protein, made from real meat, has no saturated ingredients, and is low in sugar. Apex BackCountry Meat Sticks is a perfect gift for a sports fan in your life who needs a snack when ‘outside’. Meat sticks are placed separately and do not require refrigeration. Types of animals have:

  • 9g-11g protein
  • 0 g – 3 g sugar
  • 90-105 kcal
  • Gluten free
  • Less than half the ingredients for the chopsticks
  • Zero fillers

Price: $ 24.99 for a box of 12 sticks
Where to buy:

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