Top 10 Best Maps in CoD: Vanguard

Call of Duty Franchise has been known for its fast-paced and fast-paced combat. However, no CoD game is complete without the exciting multiplayer maps. Unlike those who led, What: Vanguard includes 16 explosive maps at the start. Although they vary in size and game preferences, many of these maps are new and exciting for players to enjoy until Activision releases their first pack. Without delay, here are the 10 Best Maps on CoD Vanguard.



Established during the collapse of the Axis forces in WW2, Berlin is a large map that plays wonderfully for those who love short and medium wars.

The map does not follow the three-dimensional Call of Duty map, but is well-designed. Whatever you do, avoid staying in the open for long periods of time or shooters eating your head off at will. For best practice, we recommend that you move around to the left and right of the map. With the right skills and speed of the game, you can kill the unfortunate people to cross your path.


Sub Pens

10 Best Maps Of A CoD Vanguard: Sub-Pens10 Best Maps Of A CoD Vanguard: Sub-Pens

At # 9, Sub-Pens is a wonderfully designed map that most players may or may not like. The battles take place mainly inside and around the U-Boat in the middle of the map, where the left and right lanes are the best slope.

If you are an SMG-er, you will want to cling to the left of flag A and hope to control the control room. Don’t be surprised to see Sniper fiascos form in the center and right of the map.

Verticality is another major component of Sub-pens, with a movement under the U-Boat that provides ample rounding space. Like Gavutu and Desert Siege, the maps make good use of the visual aids provided by the 2019 Modern War engine.


Siege of the Desert

Desert Siege Vanguard MapDesert Siege Vanguard Map

With shadows reminiscent of Cold War’s Collateral maps, Desert Siege is one of the largest maps found on Vanguard. Although not fully developed, the three methods play very differently. In most cases, maps are used to strike and create SMGs.

If you’re a runner-up with a gun like me, it wouldn’t be hard to get used to Desert Siege. Play and hide near trains of any kind on both sides of the A and C flags, while crossing the other side of the map.

Aside from the amount of hidden houses and passes through, Desert Siege also has a canal. Everywhere, everything looks connected and well-crafted, things that just outweigh the beauty of the map.



Cod Vanguard Best Maps: DomeCod Vanguard Best Maps: Dome

The dome is a small map that probably represents a good example of CoD: Vanguard’s ‘levolution’ style destruction. From wooden panels to chairs from all corners, the shape of the Dome has changed dramatically in your game.

This map is ideal for players of all ages. The shooters are able to set up a second base, while AR and SMG players battle it out inside the remnants of the Reichstag building. In a sense, the map of the World at War seems to have no flaws in its design.

The dome may be on the top 3 Vanguard maps, but it is still associated with a dangerous area. Whether it’s an algorithmic error, or just a nasty production, it’s impossible to play Dome without starting breeding in front of enemies. Likewise, the chaos of chaos unfortunately is weighed down by a constant cycle of anger and frustration.



Gavutu Best MapGavutu Best Map

To many, Gavutu may not be considered the best map in Vanguard. At the center of the map are some of the battlefields, with sidewalks making it difficult to enter. However, Gavutu’s elegant design and impressive design support all types of sports.

On the right, we have a wooden beach and a canal. Near the center of the left, a large naval canal launches a grueling battlefield of exciting but exciting battles.

Personally, I run with a shotgun and go through the left side, often hiding in the rows of rocks and looking for ways to attack. Remember not to move as much as you can, as there are several angles in which you can be shot.

With climate change and dramatic lighting, this map demonstrates the amazing potential of the MW engine.



Excellent Bocage mapExcellent Bocage map

Located on the Farmland estate in Northern France, Bocage is an interesting map that makes people shoot amazingly. Wars often take place inside barns, farmhouses, barns, giving SMG players the best of both worlds.

The ‘outer’ part of the map (adjacent to point B) connects very well with the internal sections. As a result, Bocage does not feel he is incompatible. Tanks near tanks can be ideal for some fast-moving areas, while the canal on the other side creates a fun waterfall.

All in all, Bocage is a simple map that puts the right boxes. The only problem we are facing right now is the tendency for people to camp near the C flag.


in num

Numa Numa excellent maps of CoD vanguardNuma Numa excellent maps of CoD vanguard

Located in northern Africa, Numa Numa is a central map with inter-quarterly wars. In the center of the map are a number of missiles surrounded by landmarks. Players born on the A-side have more chances to cover, but are still at greater risk from opposing movements. On the C side, the dark caves set a good gun tone and SMG explosion.

Soon, many tourists will emerge from the chaotic wars between Numa Numa. While all modes of combat are required, the map is well played on the Blitz. Honestly, you can throw a 70+ bomb easily with just swinging around the B point.

While not a special shooter choice, Numa Numa has everything you could want on a CoD map. Simple and fun, it is one of the best maps on CoD Vanguard.


Royal Hotel

Top 10 maps at Hotel RoyalTop 10 maps at Hotel Royal

Hotel Royal is a dynamic map that clearly shows what Sledgehammer Games wanted with a destructive plan in Vanguard. From the lobby to the kitchen and hotel bars, almost everything is covered with stained glass or wooden screens.

Landscape design is very comfortable at the Hotel Royal, allowing you to look in all directions. However, the roof map of the house gives a nice view. You can break from the top just by looking closely at the broken glass, or you may consider jumping down. In any case, walking on the roof is the best way to connect a map.

Skulking your meat has never been so fun. Hotel Royal is one of the top 10 maps in CoD: Vanguard. Make sure you play in Blitz or Assault Pacing by killing more people.



Excellent map of the houseExcellent map of the house

Located inside a German academy, Das Haus is undoubtedly the busiest Vanguard map. It has a similar shape to the likes of Shipping where they like, because death and chance lurk in every corner.

The map contains a synonym for three-way connections within narrow lanes and open halls. Playing Blitz on Das Haus can cause spikes in your dopamine levels, such as its small size. No Shots here, only SMGs and Shotguns. Avoid the map if you like to play slow, or if you are a stranger.

If you are a former CoD veteran or a good FPS player, this map will test your boundaries. Granted, there are times when you just stare at someone and then die instantly. It may be stressful at first, but you can easily kill 100 people in a way like Hardpoint or Domination. Just remember to choose Killstreaks like Flamenaut, Attack Dogs, or War Machine.


Eagle’s nest


We have reached the top of the eagle’s nest. Funny jokes aside, Eagle’s Nest is undoubtedly the best map available in Vanguard. The appearance of the snowcapped peaks also makes for a very interesting landscape.

With navigation similar to the benefits of sharing both sides of the map, Eagle’s Nest just feels great. Players can move around in different directions, while battles within the big house turn into massive bloodshed. There is no high level of restraint that can stop you, but a powerful destructive system will take action.

While it is appropriate for all games, this map is good for SMG. The main action usually takes place between flags A and B, so continuous tilt is advised. In a nutshell, the Eagle Nest was flawlessly designed and everything works fine. The rest period does not always come, but there is still not enough action to immerse yourself regularly. Instructions for Das Haus.

Together, these items are enough to strengthen the Eagle’s Nest at the top of the Vanguard map. It has certainly set the standard for good development, but it remains to be seen if the Eagle’s Nest will be overthrown by future maps.

We hope you enjoyed the series of 10 Best Maps on CoD Vanguard. For more information on Vanguard, as you can edit incontinence and correcting shader errors, be sure to check out our page and follow along Twitter.

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