Tonga tsunami triggers warnings along Australian east coast

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A tsunami triggered by a volcanic eruption near Tonga has triggered sea warnings in eastern Australia as well as landmarks on Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island. Meteorological agency reports that the Hunga Tonga-Hung Ha’apai volcano erupted on Saturday at 3.10pm AEDT on Saturday and offshore reports have confirmed the tsunami. Landfish warnings for Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island were issued, while sea warnings were available for all NSW coastal areas and major Queensland, Victorian and Tasmanian regions, according to BOM words on Saturday evening. In Queensland a water warning was issued for the Sandy Cape to Point Danger including Fraser Island, Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay and Gold Coast waters. In Victoria the sea warning was from 9.30pm AEDT from Lakes Entrance to 60 nautical miles east of Gabo Island including the East Gippsland coast. Marine warnings also apply to Macquarie Island and other parts of Tasmania including the northern tip of Flinders Island to the South East Cape, including east of Flinders Island, Banks Strait and Franklin Sound, east coast, southeast coast, southeast coast, D. ‘Entrecasteaux Channel, Derwent Estuary, Frederick Henry Bay, Norfolk Bay and Storm Bay. “People in areas prone to floods and floods are strongly advised by local authorities to go ashore or within a mile,” he said. “In areas with marine ecosystems alone, authorities advise people to get out of the water and get off the shoreline, coastal plains, rocky planets and beaches. ” Australia Associated Press



January 15, 2022 – 10:17 PM

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