Throne Speech pumps climate action, meanwhile in Wet’suwet’en…

The Governor-General Mary Simon gave a well-known speech from the throne on Tuesday – the first to be addressed by the Governor of Nature.

It was presented in part in the Simon Inuktitut language and began with national recognition. Simon urged MPs to “seek the truth, and learn the real truths in the First Nations, Inuit and Métis factions”.

A statement explaining the Liberal government’s demands for the 44th parliament has shown progress in trying to reconcile with the Indians.

“In the past, I have seen how Canadians are committed to reconciliation. Indians are reclaiming our history, history, culture and our language by taking action,” said Simon.

“Our planet is in danger. We can’t wait, ”said Simon.

The 100-year-old pandemic brings with it a climate crisis as Canada heads to British Columbia, where floods and mudslides have devastated areas south of the region, creating highways. The district has announced an accident.

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In the North of the Interior, meanwhile, Wet’suwet’en is continuing its decade-long battle against the 670-mile Coastal GasLink pipeline to transport broken gas over 200 kilometers of unknown territory.

On November 18, the RCMP, which was unveiled in the area a few days ago, relocated and arrested 20 people who blocked a forest access road to Coastal GasLink.

It will be like 2020 again. The incident was reminiscent of weeks before the plague. Except, it’s 2022 and we seem to be back where we started off from the weather crisis – and reconciliation.

In the past, public outcry over RCMP-armed police raided railways across the country. Then another nation had been awakened to see the suffering of the Indians, or so it seemed.

Similar damage occurred this week, including in Toronto, following recent arrests. #ShutDownCanada is once again making headlines on social media as human rights activists and environmentalists are preparing for what they are doing in the winter.

In an interview with a Toronto Star, Crown and Indigenous Relations Minister Marc Miller expressed concern that tensions in Wet’suwet’en could re-emerge in closed areas across the country.

But it did not have to be this way.

Back in 2020, the federal government signed a a treaty of alliance with their native kings Wet’suwet’en recognizing their right to a place. In fact, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the jurisdiction of the monarchs in their landmark 1997 decision.

But that awareness has not stopped the Coastal GasLink plans as several band councils in the pipeline system are supporting the project. It is a well-known problem: with limited resources available, corporations are forced to commit to any development that may take place in the name of economic survival.

The native kings devised other ways to control the pipelines to reduce environmental degradation due to deforestation (as well as the effects of flooding on nearby rivers), but those ideas were rejected by Coastal GasLink.

Successful kings moved earlier this year to file notices of the company’s dismissal. When the company refused to comply, the closure cut off a forest road leading to CGL operations. And so here we are again.

The company has been granted permission by the BC Supreme Court to remove the restrictions. The company is now also seeking conditions for the release of a number of detainees, including a ban on Wet’suwet’en areas and “separate areas” around the Coastal GasLink operation.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, president of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs, has called on the government to intervene and announce that it will stop the growth of fossil fuels “due to climate change”. He was referring to the destruction of BC

Some, like David Suzuki, have been saying a lot. Suzuki warned of an Extinction Rebellion show on Vancouver Island on November 20 that “there will be pipes blown up if our leaders do not pay attention to what is happening.”

Suzuki later explained that he did not agree with the violence. But it is already happening instead of the oil and gas industry. And the problem continues to worsen as a result of climate change.

On the West Coast alone this year, dome heat, wildfires, “rivers in the sky”, and floods have destroyed homes and lives and killed hundreds of people. Canada’s major governments and banks continue to sell oil and gas to the tune of billions of dollars.

“Now is the time for us to act boldly,” said Simon in the Throne. To be sure, it was a long time ago.



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