Threats to Manitoba politicians may lead to security changes

Being a politician or a medical professional seems to bring a lot of risks too late – from cyberbullying, to a group of angry people at social events, to out-of-family demonstrations.

In Manitoba, some changes have been made – and more are being offered – to try to ensure that public service does not mean putting personal safety at risk. One idea is to make people’s home addresses less accessible online.

“Social media has changed the subject of life and politics, so I think this has been a concern for some time, I think it may be a pandemic but not the cause,” he said. Kelvin Goertzen, a former Manitoba member of parliament who is also the Minister of Justice and Public Affairs, said in an interview.

Three major political parties in Manitoba are discussing minor amendments to the Elections Act, including the repeal of the requirement that the home address of each candidate be published online. Followers now have the ability to request that they not be allowed, but the unstable environment is to make addresses public.

New Democrats have filed a petition with a common member of parliament to establish areas around hospitals, schools, child care centers and housing for a wide range of health care workers. The bill, which may need to be assisted by the Progressive Conservative government to move forward, bans any protests against the COVID-19 ban within protected areas.

In the legislature, the most recent security measures include reducing the amount of entry and exit of this esteemed House.

Premier Heather Stefanson focuses on increased security for adults in public affairs.

“I feel safe but … soon, there has been some security that we have brought to the court. So we are trying to see what it looks like, to make sure we don’t go further but that we are” looking for safety and security for everyone. “

A clear signal of a security change took place outside the Prime Minister’s residence at the time Brian Pallister earlier this year. The 9,000-square-foot building was on public display in 2012, when some local media outlets reported that Pallister had purchased $ 2 million worth of property.

The number of demonstrations outside the building increased during the epidemic. At some point, people can be seen in the way of the Prime Minister. A security vehicle began to stop at the scene. In 2021, a large wall was built around the perimeter.

The eyes of #Manitoba #security are changing as threats to #politics appear to rise. #mbpoli

Pallister said there are usually people on the premises, who come to the house.

“I would like to give you some examples, there are many … I would just say that no family should do this,” Pallister told The Canadian Press in August.

“If it were me … I would be a fighter so I could fight back. But if you touch my wife and our daughters, that’s when it’s illegal.”

Pallister did not want to comment further. He also expressed concern that exposing potential threats and complications to human security could hinder people from competing for office.

“My wife is not very bright. She still has a rebound rebound record (University of Manitoba women’s basketball). You will not get that unless your hips are very sharp.

Pallister sold the house shortly after leaving politics and the wall collapsed.

NDP leader Wab Kinew he said he had been threatening her, but did not want to discuss further.

Dr. Brent Roussin, the district health officer, told reporters last summer that he had received the threats and, at one point, the police phoned him because of suspicious activities taking place near his premises.

A Facebook page about people frustrated with the results of the Progressive Conservative leadership election Stefanson beat Shelly Glover in the race to win the Pallister, one person sent a statement of violent riots at the United States Capitol January is over.

“Shelly just needs to make a statement and her people will pull on January 6 and appoint her as Prime Minister,” the message, which was written in mid-December, was read.

It got two favorites.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on Dec. 30, 2021.

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