Those who are trying to lose weight should stock up on dark chocolate, says British doctor

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Chocolate with a minimum of 75% cocoa offers many health benefits and is good for weight loss.

The expert advised people to cut their exercise in half into divided portions of the diet.

“We all know that we have to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 150 minutes a week very hard. Britain Michael Mosley.

He added: “It can be as short as a minute or two, it can last up to five minutes.

The expert ordered shortcuts.

“It can be as simple as getting up and sitting in your chair.”

It all takes a start, no matter how small.

Another weight loss tip that you are sure to love is keeping the dark chocolate.

Unfortunately, your favorite milk or white chocolate may not be enough, but dark chocolate, “made with less than 75% cocoa,” offers many health benefits, he told the Daily Mail.

Dark chocolate, according to Healthline, contains strong, healthy antioxidants, and reduces a person’s risk of heart disease.

So eat – but beware of calories in dark chocolate.

Dr. Michael also recommended that you eat nutritious food, not skipping any meals.

The “problem” with some foods is that they are “crazy”, he told Studio 10.

“You need to have nutritious food. There should be enough food. There should be enough protein in particular, “the overweight person said.

For those who want to lose weight fast, Dr Michael advises them to avoid eating junk food such as “cabbage soup diet”.

According to the expert: “One of the best foods in the world is Mediterranean food.”

The Spanish government attempted this by dividing 5,000 people into two groups: Mediterranean and low oil.

He had to stop the study immediately because it was “obvious” that those who ate Mediterranean foods were healthier than those who stuck to low-fat diets.

Participants had a 50 percent lower risk of diabetes.

Finally, Dr Michael warned people not to eat processed foods.

“Don’t eat anything you buy at a gas station,” he told The Carousel.

“These things have been on the shelf for months, lots, lots, lots.”

Image credit: Stock

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