THG Presents: The 10 Biggest Turkeys of 2021!

The year 2021 began with the anti-US Capitol terrorists and will have more people killed by COVID-19 than we saw in 2020.

In between?

Kim Kardashian divorced Kanye West … Meghan Markle adopted her second child …

It’s been a lot.

We’ve covered the good, the bad and the weird all year long at The Hollywood Gossip – but what about the annoying, weird and deformed?

What about the sad, the humble and the laughing?

Indeed, what about the celebrities with whom we have a close relationship with Turkey?

In honor of Thanksgiving, our staff is also here to count the 10 Great Turkeys in 2021 (as we did in 2020), starting below with 10 very weak and annoying … and ending wiith and very weak and frustrating:

10. Donald Trump: In many cases, incitement to anti-democratic violence can put one in a better position in the scientific system.

Likewise the constant and alarming outcry over the Presidential election which, in all respects and according to any evidence, was not distorted in any way, form or form.

But it is important to remember that Trump is no longer in office. Adaluza Joe Biden.

And the losers do not deserve any higher place than the last here.

9. Angela Deem: It’s hard to pick just one 90 Day Fiance star with a Turkish spirit, but Angela takes the cake (full?) In 2021.

At the window, he added his screams and insulting words and the most outrageous remarks anyone ever saw.

At the show, she invited her daughter-in-law to a party with Angela and her grandchildren on July 4th.

No change can be made.

8. Scott Disick: This is a 38-year-old man with three children who wants boyfriends and girlfriends who do not follow the rules.

Also violent, jealous jerk who slut-embarrassed Kourtney Kardashian simply because she chose to share her happiness with the world after falling in love with a new man.

By itself, one of these characteristics would be enough to earn him a place on the THG high turkeys list.

Together, it is enough to give us hope that they will soon disappear again so that we will never again hear of the disgusting behavior of the whip.

7. Jon Gosselin: How is the boy still on the news? By appearing on The Dr. Oz Show of all places? IS HE just losing his ex-wife?!?

And even now talk at length about cancer of her ex-boyfriend?

Get out, buddy. Please.

6. Kelly Dodd: Kelly has been a real professional for many years, but her computer systems were often fun.

Last year, however, he was a bad man.

Kelly’s months of spreading cruelty and lies ruined her two careers. She is no longer a Real Housewife, and she spends her days trying to get sued to give her something to say on her silly podcast.

It is a pity that they really do things like IZI.

5. Jamie Spears: According to his daughter, Jamie should be investigated and possibly jailed for the way he treated her 13 years ago.

In other words, Britney Spears went public in the summer and fall is the bad behavior of his father as a treasurer.

He talked about how he was robbed of his money, how he never allowed her to have children, how he controlled all aspects of his personal and employee life for more than a decade – linking his bank account with millions.

Jamie did not do well in making the top five because he eventually relinquished his legal position a few weeks ago, leaving the judge to take action. security protection for a while.

4. Pete Davidson: It’s just … a guy who is a bitter joker should not be allowed to continue dating any beautiful woman in Hollwood.

serious man, its size?!?

3. David Eason: Finds a permanent place on this list.

For Eason history, he has not killed any dogs or beaten a couple in 2021, not as we know it.

But she is still racist. And yet great. And she is still a negative influence on her children and she and Jenelle Evans are they are still trying to make themselves happen, which has greatly disappointed us.

2. Type of Delta: How come the virus that has killed so many people forever is not finding our top spot?

Because of this person …

1. Josh Duggar: What can we say about Josh Duggar that has not been mentioned in his criminal books yet?

A notorious rapist will be charged with felony criminal mischief for up to 20 years in prison.

According to one researcher, the contents of Josh’s computer program were “extremely dangerous.” Interestingly, that description works well for Josh himself!

Not only is the infamous ancient historian who was a Turkish historian of the Year, the leading figure of the most vicious bird of the 21st century.

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