The unanswered questions one year after Maradona’s death

Last year today, the world of football lost one of its biggest icons when Diego Maradona died at the age of 60. With so many stories left, Argentine legends cannot rest in peace.

The year 2020 was a difficult one for many. But especially those in Argentina. Confused with Covid and with its expensive peso currency in rising prices, South America once again lost its image to Diego Maradona.

Placed at a higher level than Lionel Messi in the crowd, 10 was one of them. A young man who left Villa Fiorito to be the best player in the world, and perhaps the greatest he has ever seen with Pele, Maradona earned La Albiceleste their second World Cup title in 1986 and brought them to the late Italy ’90.

An idiot with a well-known drug and alcohol problem, his death caused grief around the world and was reported day and night by local TV as fans of groups like Boca Juniors and River Plate briefly joined in to show their respect.

The following year, however, when paying tribute to the map on the anniversary of his death, there were many unresolved issues, thus preventing the D10S (ie ‘Dios’ or Spanish god) from resting. in peace.

Scenes of death

Investigators revealed that Maradona had died “pulmonary edema, accompanied by a burst of chronic heart failure” while suffering “long heart” in a rented house in Tigre.

Currently, seven people – neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque; psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov; psychologist Carlos Diaz; Dr. Nancy Forlini; nursing director, Mariano Perroni; and nurses Ricardo Omar Almiron and Dahiana Gisela Madrid – could face up to eight to 25 years in prison.

Considered negligent and incompetent in their medical work, the group was charged with murder in May as part of a case of manslaughter.

This came after a team of 20 medical experts found that Maradona’s care was good “affected by weaknesses and shortcomings”.

“I’m proud of what I did,” he said Luque, who underwent brain surgery for his patient two weeks earlier.

“I did everything I could. I gave Diego everything I could: some things he agreed to, some things he didn’t agree with.

“I’m not afraid to go to jail,” Luque added, denying he had left Maradona.

Still, whether he and his associates are in prison for any wrongdoing they believe will take years to resolve.

Heartless placement

Sadly in this case, Maradona is said to have been buried in a heartless grave.

Already writing a book called ‘The Health of Diego’, neuroscientist and TV presenter Nelson Castro said this week the organ was removed from the player’s body to be examined. “The most important factor in identifying the cause of Maradona’s death.”

“He had a fortunate body when it came to rejection, as did his cardiologist who grew up [that] some people would die [from it]. The problem is, she did not want to get better. ” Castro added.

Also to say the heart “weighed half a kilo, while a normal heart weighs 300 grams.” and he was great “due to other factors such as heart failure and the heart disease they had,” Castro also revealed that he had devised a plan to seize the body part with the terrorists of the last club he led, Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata.

The daughters and the lawyer are at loggerheads

The investigation into Maradona’s death was opened only after complaints from his daughters.

Elsewhere, Giannina – former Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero – and Dalma are arguing with their father’s representative.

Last month Dalma was accused of criticizing Matias Morla as a memorial mediator between Barcelona and Boca Juniors.

This is a boy who talked to my father as a fan and here he says he owns an image, a word and a name of my father, saying that this is not his children. [who are the owners], ” he was angry.

As it turns out, the sisters are at loggerheads with Morla over Maradona’s racial rights and appearance, which led to her office being disrupted by anti-fraud police in March when they accused her. “infidelity, infidelity and cruelty” in charge of Maradona events.

Defending his corner, Morla insisted that “Diego said: ‘The Maradona tribe will take care of my sisters, the image will take care of my heirs.” and a former player who is said to have signed documents to make it possible for Dubai in 2015 or 2016.

In addition, he also claimed to be his client’s daughters “Don’t like me because in 2014 we confiscated our credit cards.”

“She died alone, except for the sisters she spoke to every day as well [his ex-girlfriend] Veronica Ojeda, who went to see her and Dieguito Fernando, her son, “ Morla was also said to have responded in the past to the brothers.

However, in contrast, he admitted that Maradona’s care had not yet died “worst”.

“Panali information the crimes that took place … magnified and magnified the poor man until his heart exploded, “ Morla said in a three-hour witness.

Giving money to Maradona without difficulty

On the anniversary of Maradona’s death, Dalma Maradona has vowed not to participate in any of the commemoration. “The worst day of my life”.

“Justice is all I ask,” he said. he added.

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But the sisters say they are also opposed to the financial relationship between FC Barcelona and Boca Juniors, which is in debt, and for good reason.

What is happening in Saudi Arabia in December, is a tribute to one of the most influential people in football. If anything, the ‘Maradona Cup’, as it is commonly called, should be played between Boca and Napoli – where he left his great legacy in club football – or his youth jersey Argentinos Juniors is one of these enemies.

And even if the rivalry between Boca and Barca – which they failed to do before being traded to Napoli – either Camp Nou or La Bombonera would make the right choice and give the fans a chance. pay their respects.

At least the Euro and Copa America winners Italy and Argentina have a good idea of ​​competing in the ‘Maradona Super Cup’ set up in Naples, or, if not, Wembley June tomorrow.

Disaster acceptable behind the grave

Following a video of her in a hotel room with Maradona, Cuban Mavys Alvarez has been in Buenos Aires this week to testify.

It is alleged that in 2001, at the age of 16, Maradona, 40, was raped in Havana while under the influence of drugs while his mother was in another room.

“They shut me up, they rape me, I don’t want to think too much,” Alvarez he said.

“I stopped being a girl, all my innocence was stolen from me. It’s hard. You leave the innocent things that a girl of that age experiences.”

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Maradona's anti-rape activist meets the media - which is why he was 'buried without a heart'

Maradona's anti-rape activist meets the media - which is why he was 'buried without a heart'

The Maradona group is being investigated for selling Alvarez to the Argentine capital where he was detained in a hotel room for three months, forced to wear breast implants and simply allowed to go shopping or go to the zoo.

This week he also said he was forced to drink cocaine by Maradona, who said “very aggressive” when he refused, and there were also problems outside his family because of his relationship with former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

“My family would not have accepted it if the Cuban government had not intervened,” he said. he said.

“They were forced in some way to accept a relationship that was not good for them, or for anyone.”

Writing down her grievances “to help all women” and “all involved in marketing [and] zumbanda “, Alvarez acknowledged how difficult it was to tread the soil of Argentina and Maradona so much that he respected his homeland.

“It’s hard to live in his country, to see that he is everywhere, and an idol and at the same time everything I remember about him as a person is disgusting.” he concluded.

Representative Carlos Ferro Viera, however, a businessman who made part of the group, lawyer Fernando Burlando told Sky Sports that the evidence is “That blames more than anything for Diego Maradona”.

Like other legal issues associated with his name, it is another controversy that seems to be taking time to resolve and add to Maradona’s mixed heritage.

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