The Suicidal American Empire Is Collapsing Fast, But Its Death Now Would Cause Unacceptable Collateral Damage

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He is well known for his A 2011 book comparing the collapse of the Soviet Union with the United States (thinks American is going to be bad). He’s a prolific writer on many topics, and you can see his work by searching for him on Amazon.

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There are a number of systems in place that are held by those with positions in the US that seem to be different and incomprehensible. We see Trump imposing sanctions on countries and nations, dreaming of solving the trade problem of his country and the world. We see the whole US Congress collapsing with each other in an attempt to impose tougher sanctions on Russia. People in Turkey, NATO’s most important country, are wasting US money and smashing iPhones in line with pique. In the face of new Russia-China weapons that are preventing the US from dominating the world in war, the US is setting a new record for its size which has already cost defense but ineffective funds. As the basis for the military contractor feeds the turmoil, the Taliban are making a profit in Afghanistan, now controling half the territory, and planning to crack down on “nonsense,” Vietnam’s repetition, in the longest war in America. More and more countries need to ignore or reverse US sanctions, particularly sanctions on Iran’s oil exports. Recently, Russia’s finance minister declared the United States dollar to be unreliable. Meanwhile, US debt is still rising, with the big buyer being said to be weird, maybe “Other”.

While this may seem like a multi-faceted demonstration in the world, I believe it can be attributed to the fact that it is all one thing: the US – the world ruler – standing on the ground and threatening to jump, while its monarchy. —The very number that we can call them — stand up and shout “Please don’t jump!” In fact, most of them would be thrilled to see an overlord dropping jelly on the sidewalk. But here’s the important point: if this were to happen today, it could lead to unpredictable political and economic devastation worldwide. Does this mean that the US is important? No, of course not, no. But giving it up will take time and energy, and while this is going well the whole world is forced to keep it on health care no matter how contradictory, stupid and degrading it may be.

What the world should do, as soon as it can, is to remove the capital, located in Washington politically and militarily and in New York and London economically, while in a way I keep the principle of the kingdom. “What?!” you could say, “Isn’t imperialism bad.” Well, of course, it does not matter, but the authorities make it possible, unique and efficient, inefficient trade on a large scale. Empires do all kinds of bad things — even genocide — but they also provide a way to go about preventing minor grievances from escalating into a national conflict.

The Roman Empire, then Byzantium, then the Tatar / Mongol Golden Horde, then the Ottoman Sublime Porte all provided two of these vital services — trade and security.—B In exchange for the ongoing rape and plunder and the many memorable acts of genocide. The Tatar / Mongol Empire was very prosperous: it simply wanted a “yarlyk” —a tax — and it would crush anyone who wanted to go above and beyond the call of duty. The US government is a monopoly: it uses the US dollar as a tool to seize savings from around the world from time to time by sending inflation and eliminating anyone trying to get out of the US dollar.

All kingdoms follow a certain path. Over time, they become rotten, sluggish and weak, and then they fall. When he falls, there are two ways to go. One is through the dark millennium — just as Western Europe did with the fall of the Western Roman Empire. One is for another kingdom, or kingdoms, for a kingdom, as happened after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. You might think that a third option exists: that of small countries working well and working well on global projects that benefit all. Such a plot may be possible, but I like to have the basic idea of ​​our common culture.

We have MonkeyBrain 2.0 tools, which have very useful functions built into imperialism, as well as national and religious support. This we can rely on; anything else could be either a repeated failure attempt or a new experimental design. Sure, let’s make new ones, but new ones take time and resources, and these are the two things that are missing. What we have in the basics is a change: if they have their way, look at the Risk Management, followed by the rise of Bonaparte. That’s what happens all the time.

To think that the US is not a state-falling empire – consider this. The US defense budget is larger than the next 10 countries combined, yet the US will not succeed even in war-torn Afghanistan. (It’s because most of his security budget is slightly stolen.) The US has about a thousand weapons, which keep the whole world, but anonymously. It says that the whole world is his: no matter where you go, you have to pay US taxes and you are still following US law. It controls and directs governments in many countries around the world, always seeking to turn them into satrapies controlled by the US ambassador, but the results are so unpredictable that they are embarrassing to the point of death. It is now failing at almost all of these things, threatening the world with its sudden end.

What we see, at every level, is a kind of lie: “Do as we say, or be no longer a kingdom to you!” The United States dollar will collapse, international trade will cease and the dark age will come, forcing everyone to work in the soil for a thousand years as they face pointless, endless conflicts with neighboring nations.

There is no old way of preserving the monarchy that works; all that is left is to threaten the collapse and leave a huge mess for the whole world to deal with. The rest of the world now has a responsibility to make things faster when the US empire can be successfully resolved without damaging interest rates, and this is a huge undertaking, so everyone is forced to play time.

There are a lot of military forces and there are political demonstrations that happen all the time, but these are the demonstrations that are becoming more and more valuable: nothing can be achieved through these means and much can be lost. Basically, all conflicts are financial. There is a lot of money to be spent. The total trade costs for the BRICS and Western countries (US + EU, in fact) are more than a trillion dollars a year. SCO – another non-Western group – comes with the same numbers. It is the amount of goods that these countries produce that they currently do not have an internal market for. In the evening when there is steam in one night, no one can buy these things. Russia alone had the 2017 largest gross domestic product of $ 116 billion, and in 2018 to date it grew by 28.5%. China alone, in trade with the US, made $ 275 billion in revenue. Spend another $ 16 billion on its trade with the EU.

These are huge numbers, but they are not close enough if the project seeks to build a global empire to replace US + EU in its time. Also, no one follows. Russia is pleased to have left behind the people who relied on the Soviet Union and is currently investing in a number of international governments, such as the SCO, BRICS and the EAEU. Many other countries are interested in joining such organizations: more recently, Turkey has shown interest in transforming the BRICS into BRICTS. In fact, all post-colonial countries around the world are now being forced to exchange some measure of their newly gained independence, especially in the wake of the triumph of victory. The role of the Supreme Global Overlord is unlikely to attract the right people.

What everyone seems to want is a humble, low-cost, global solidarity, free from all corruption and small-scale wars that threaten life. It will take time to build, and the building materials can be from one place: from the gradual bleeding US + EU dry. To do this, global trade wheels must continue to spin. But this is what all the new money and penalties, saber-rattling and political propaganda, are trying to stop: a soy-filled ship is now making circles in the Pacific off the coast of China; I-steel rust in Turkey…

But it is unlikely that these efforts will work. The EU has been too late to realize how dangerous Washington’s reliance has been, and it will take more time to find ways to liberate itself, but the process has begun well. For its part, Washington controls finances, and since its current pollution will make money grow faster than it could be, those who will lose more will make Washington feel their pain and force a real change. As a result, everyone should push for one side: a slow, steady, manageable fall. What we can expect is that the whole world can come together and rebuild the system of changing kings in his time to avoid falling into the new dark post-empire age.

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