The social factors behind overprescription in India

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The proliferation of medicine in India, which has experienced a major crisis of medical depression, is not limited to major pharma. There are some difficult things going on in the group, list Paromita Goswami, Shiv Nadar University and Anindita Chaudhuri.

The prevalence of antidepressants in India is not limited to the pharmaceutical industry. Social and economic discrimination compel people to take pills.

India suffers from severe depression. Amazing 56 million of its people with the disorder, another 38 million suffer from anxiety disorder. It was in the center of India top 15 causes of premature death in 2019. Not surprisingly, antidepressants are plentiful: instructions growth and 23 percent more than last year.

In Japan, pharmaceutical companies coined the term ‘kokoro no kaze’, meaning ‘cold air’, meaning depression. This innovative disease awareness campaign has led many people to accept antidepressants and antidepressants to cure them, According to Professor Hiroshi Ihara. In India, interviews with medical professionals, psychiatrists and physicians demonstrating how pharmaceutical companies are adopting innovative ways to grow their market.

Doctors have explained how pharmaceutical companies keep prescriptions and usually pay doctors the total cost of the drug, “If one prescribes 100 rupees, they receive 10 rupees; value added…[and] is paid for by attending meetings, outings, books, and gifts, ”says Prabir *, a psychologist.

GPs are often prepared and able to provide slow-acting anti-depressants and as a result, “anti-depressants for non-insane people” are widespread in India. According to psychiatrist Gopala Sarma Poduri.

But pharmaceutical companies are not to blame for all the antidepressant drugs in India. The situation is complex and difficult.

Patients may turn to antidepressants for embarrassment after consulting a psychiatrist. Mihir *, a GP doctor, says that even after accepting a psychiatrist’s treatment, patients often refuse: “[Patients] unaware that they have such a problem … [they would say] If I have a bowel movement, or a heart attack, why are you sending me to the doctors for insanity? ”

Patients are often more likely to take medication than psychotherapy. Samir *, a psychologist, says: “People are convinced that if they do not take medication and go to the doctor for a checkup, they are not suffering from depression; if there is no cure, there is no problem. ”

India’s medical education is being criticized for its emphasis on insanity. “People start going to the GP … but GPs do not understand a bit about psychiatry and can continue to change medications and go to polypharmacy,” Prabir said.

Often the lack of resources to access treatment leads patients and their families to see a doctor or non-specialist whose lack of adequate education makes them vulnerable to misdiagnosis and over-treatment.

With 0.3 insane experts, and 0.07 insane experts per 100,000 people in India, there is no way to deal with caseloads. Statistics provided of these groups promotes at least 1-4 per 100,000.

Lack of medical professionals makes it impossible to meet the requirements that are difficult to meet. rural people. The problem is so serious that in 2010, the Ministry of Health decided to introduce medical education in rural areas. The program failed to start. In rural areas, researchers have said displayed a large part of the antidepressant commercialization “is not made by licensed physicians, but by an amorphous group of illicit authors who have not been legally trained in medicine”.

In many ways these unlicensed writers are inevitable. Amit *, a surgeon, observes: “The villagers rely on ’emergency workers’. We cannot provide qualified doctors, so the so-called unauthorized, or so-called quack, cannot be resolved within a few days. ”

Patients are often forced to take antidepressant medication even when they do not really need the treatment. These drugs are cheaper than drugs. “The treatment session lasts 30-45 minutes, and this also involves a fine. One might think ‘I have to set aside 2500-3000 rupees for counseling, and I can just talk … However, if I take antidepressant medication, my monthly medical bills will not go away. thousands of rupees’, ”said Samir.

Medical depression is a tragic and growing phenomenon in India. The marketing of medicines by pharmaceutical companies has indeed taken place, and continues to do so, despite changes made in the 2002 Indian Medical Council Regulations.

But major drugs cannot be said to be the only culprits. There are clear economic reasons for social inclusion including stigma, lack of affordable care, and operational difficulties such as the lack of skilled medical professionals that make up the space available to them.

* names not mentioned

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Paromita Goswami and Professor of Marketing and Social Innovation at Shiv Nadar University, India, and his research interests are in the realm of complex business, using consumer knowledge on social media, religious and sexual violence, peace trade, other masculine means, corporate marketing and stability.

Anindita Chaudhuri and Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, University of Calcutta. He has over 17 years of academic and research experience in the field of psychology and psychology. Her main areas of interest are such as popular research, stigma, happiness and well-being.

The authors announced that there were no disputes related to the matter.

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