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I have a lot to write about and a little time – yet here I am writing about sunlight (not for the first time). But first – did I back off? Late by 2021 and it appears that Ebay will still not receive their emails properly.

This morning I received an email confirming an order from Ebay after purchasing a new UK Raspberry Pi… nokha Judge for yourself…

I think you agree that I don’t need to explain too much – I receive a lot of emails every day and none of them look like a garbage can (right).

However, after 15 months in Spain I returned to the UK on Monday for a short visit with the young man, there are plans for me.

As the headline mentions solar panels – let’s get started. I have a variety of solar panels in our backyard – the front garden does not see the sun so this is for a garden with a raised backyard – which takes enough sun (almost) to justify using solar energy (this is northeast of England. at all – perhaps the most cloudy part of the UK? But not today). And for a good start:

Sunlight in Poundland garden
Cheap Poundland Solar Light

These lights came from Poundland (and recently exploded – by accident?) – at first glance they look great – and the top of the fence is definitely the right place (for sun exposure).

For less than £ 1 it looks like a commercial – but after spending 15 months, can you still see the yellow? IT ALWAYS rots within a year or more. The solar cell is covered with glass and a black plastic shell is usually coated with stainless steel (right), so it should be permanent, shouldn’t it?

Do not leave it, just like the plastic that the LED light emits will change over the next few years, so the PCB rust does not start to glow. Explanation: The solar panel is made up of weak adhesives that eventually absorb water – and Northern England gets a LOT of water.

These lights are also available from Amazon at a slightly higher but less developed price. Water reaches a battery connection, a non-abrasive switch and a PCB control (which is always reduced to a pile of oxides). I have tried all kinds of lacquers (for years) to print in a solar panel but all fail.

And so we get to a higher level … stainless steel glass + mirrors like on the left, come from Ebay and Amazon and cut almost triple but it seems to take longer. At first glance there is no UV exposed plastic and there is no way for the rain to get to the surface. But wait! Who is the solar panel? I do not overheat the car so I always think the glass stops UV light (the type that solar panels find to be very useful. It is important to consider, although the lights seem to be working properly. for UV, you can imagine how long this will last.

We have a few lights like the one on the left, which was installed last year so far will still look like new – that’s the starting point. Maybe one manufacturer is changing the way they can produce permanent field electricity?

Going back to the lights at the top of this issue, if you look back with the sunlight, a few years ago, before the explosion, Maplin Electronics had several large sunglasses + stainless steel lamps for a special £ 6 (UK) price). We bought 4 of them and took them to Spain, where they are still moving and looking good TODAY, The light bulb was brighter than the lights you see above – and at least that, it shines all night long. Sadly there seems to be nothing like them on the market right now.

Here’s another type of sunlight – this time using several LEDs to illuminate a flame – and they do it well – but they can’t be damaged.

To the right, look for a lamp that looks like it will last forever. If the price exceeds £ 20 (I blogged here) and of course it is 18 months – but watch carefully – the solar panel goes off – or instead until I try the new Gorilla Glue Contact a few minutes ago – time will tell if this will end or not. Check out the original blog here which also featured one of my purple lights and my mainss-powered RED garden lighting that is still running smoothly in November 2021. I described the Bangood lamp, originally as a 360 degree Solar Motion Sensor Light. Sadly I no longer see it on the Banggood list.

However, with 20+ bright white lights, this has kept the other side of the garden illuminated for the entire epidemic.

Before I get to my NEW blogs I want to name a few of my favorite brands.

The light of the garden on the left does not go down and the illumination section does not go down – the two ends can be set for example, this is below my 2-level garden steps – one side pointing up to the upper field and the other side down. The top was well built but I had 2 of these, one is good after a year or so in the garden – the other is in the bin because it won’t light even when I look at the solar and solar panels. battery (3v6 good, large Lithium battery (18650) which I kept.

All very good but instead of glass they have a lacquer object that covers the solar panels – WHAT do the manufacturers think? THE sun will rise slowly. The area also appears to be well-sealed which did not prevent insects from entering without mentioning the mysterious waters. I’ve been in it with WD40, time will tell if I get another year out of this.

It would be a shame if it dies too soon because the result is bright and not in a cosmetic way – really BRIGHT.

Orange lights

There are several colors on the theme above, you can be a bright orange or purple-purple color – I like orange because it resembles a candle burning. There are also large and small lanterns (as well as mains-powered orange flicker lights that we use EVERYWHERE but in other cases), well-designed and poorly constructed…

4 sets of orange flicker

Larger orange lights cost £ 9 to £ 14 depending on whether you want to save money and get it from China in a few weeks or are happy to make the Bezos even richer and get it the next day (actually, Amazon finds them). from China so you are buying the same in any way).

What we have on the right are a few small lanterns that I just picked up from Ebay (UK source) for $ 11.99 at FOUR.

This comes by accidental weaponry, that is, first at the top, middle and spike (that’s intentional). A bit of unpredictability is due to the combination of solar panels that WILL be in place if left unattended, infiltrating water into uninsulated electricity and causing damage.

So, in the big picture here you will see the interior of one of the four lamps… its simple design.


To the left of the aboe, Light – with a hidden solar panel near my hand) – display of active light (I need to add a video to get a better view), solar panel two sides of the bright orange LED and 2 side lights. only that can say (probably not).


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