The Rorting, Rooting and Rotting of Democracy

The Liberal Party has turned the strong corridors into a stronghold of the winner at Magic Millions. The fence is filled with representatives of gamblers, coal, gas and oil who win every race before they run. Shoes inside.

How is it possible for an ordinary liar, and coals to carry the former Treasurer to be our Prime Minister?

Here in Tasmania the Liberal Party and its hacks also renewed the licensing of poker machines in the shops and casinos of factories that won two elections through undisclosed donations. The quid pro quo A single-armed robbery license passed through the state legislature without change, with the help of this instead of being challenged by the Labor Party who lost its bottle.

The choice of poker machines saw the growing power in Tasmania for companies looking for the best. This good news benefits gambling companies in Tasmania to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars because the issue will not be resolved. This apparent use of force exceeds the standard of all previous attempts to destroy the system by the authorities.

Despite the efforts of previous masters as a quick runner through Parliament Paul Lennon and Robin Gray the hero of his speech, the dignified and well-known John Gay, who kept his money in the fridge, did not succeed.

The one-armed bandit who bought the Liberal victory on the ballot is the latest example of Tasmania’s most influential politics that always wins the best of both worlds.

The Federal Liberals gained power under Abbott using the slogan ‘Climate Change Is Crap’ and the ‘Debt and Debt’ lie. They have now crossed the trillion-dollar debt limit making A $ 175 billion under Rudd and Gillard look like a small change when fires and floods come as a result of climate change felt by all.

Who cares about the recent trillion dollar printing of worthless banknotes that without going anywhere has created an unfounded eagle of course and not the ones who spend our money buying and conserving energy?

Now because of the eagle because rising inflation will cause interest rates to increase and Liberal airline printing presses will burn down and Labor will be held accountable for post-election unrest.

The Liberals way operandi Disruption of the nomination process is fueled by perpetual corruption. Wake up to the editors of our country’s media who are showing courage and summoning these third false spies to respond before leading the country at risk.

Our ABC is humble, its budget is constantly reduced to prevent them from becoming independent and capable of informing. Our universities, as the best performing sites, have been allowed to abandon JobKeeper guidelines and are moving forward.

As a result, UTAS is planning to raise the deal (which is not going well) and is looking to sell a good campus for maates now rubbing their hands with glee.

How is this possible?

The answer is that corruption in all political parties in Tasmania is so entrenched that it is in full control.
Independents of any kind should control the amount of power in federal and state elections.

Everything is better than the perversion, the uproar, and the corruption of the Liberal Government always taking over when it runs the most powerful defense in the country for the maates.

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