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A beautiful night provided by The Playground Theater as a great way to see the new Shakespearean classic “The Merchant of Venice”

Gradually, when it comes to the new version of the drama “A Merchant of Venice”, there is a lot of energy and pain in setting up, a black space that is only encouraged by lighting. Audiences, seated on three sides of the stage, adorned with a blank wall of equally black latticework, are allowed to have the necessary closeness and complete immersion in the play.

It is only for the actors to connect with the imaginative world in which they play, struggling with the endless questions of Justice and Compassion, Marriage and Money, Competition and Class and the tortured culture of love.

Singers are looking at only six characters.

Mary Carter plays with Solania’s dominance, including a majority supporting the role of male John

McAndrew and Antonio, a middle-aged gentleman, businessman and businessman, full of merit, frustrated, frustrated and hopeless in love with Bassano, who takes advantage of the commercial ideas for him. Antonio agrees to secure a loan of 3000 ducats to Bassano, bound by his foreign assets, which will eventually be lost at sea and start a tragic event.

Alexander Knox and Bassano, a handsome, irresponsible, light-hearted, light-skinned young man, who has taken on a debt himself, are hoping to marry a wealthy landlord, and he lends a hefty debt to Portia in the right way, interpreting his motto and winning his hand.

Alex Wilson plays a ruthless and aggressive Gratiano, Bassano’s anti-Semitic friend, talkative, and uncontrollable.

Peter Tate dominates with his charismatic performances like the miserable Shylock. He is best known for describing this tragedy in his phone call, on his runaway daughter Jessica – he has never been seen in the play, even though he spoke at length, referring to the common Jewish and Christian personality: “When you kill us, do we not shed blood? The loss of her daughter makes her hard-hearted and self-centered, and Jessica’s destruction of her stolen property in Genoama leads her to despise Christians, ultimately retaliating and asking for her worst “pound of flesh.”

In these small relationships the French-born Lena Robin is sharp and intelligent, a wealthy heir to Portia, a difficult role as her maid and friend, Nerissa, is missing from the game. He expresses his feelings to the audience and illuminates his I-phone show to many of his loved ones, especially the mysterious European characters, one of the most humorous moments that ever happened. He rules in a powerful court like a lawyer “Balthazar,” who is secretly Portia, pleading with Shylock to have mercy on Antonio. As Shylock insists on an initial one-pound body contract, “Balthazar” orders Shylock to renounce all his possessions and convert to Christianity, in the face of life-threatening Venetian life.

The Merchant of Venice is a multi-faceted drama, and the debate continues: is it a joke or a tragedy? The middle man, Shylock “evil” is a harsh and compassionate man, who can be alone and worthless, when there is a happy time for lovers who are separated, hidden and united in marriage and the promise of future happiness.

But Steve Jobs would have been pleased if the mobile phone had taken center stage in Shakespeare’s modern transformation.

During the festive season we love to surprise, entertain and entertain, and the best place in the world is the heart of London:

Head to the Leicester Square Spiegeltent with its iconic 1920s view, London West End a very unassuming place, where La Clique has returned with success.

La Clique is a Christmas show like anything else, great, all-risqué, burlesques cabaret extravaganza, which promises a night of spectacular fun, laughter and unforgettable fun.

You will find respiratory events, which include:

German cabaret actress Bernie Dieter is the main protagonist as the Queen of Ceremony, with her powerful black vocals combining original music with wisdom and charm, creating a fun and engaging relationship between the artists and the audience throughout the show. Her ever-changing glow dress is inspired by Liza Minnelli, and is accompanied by La Clique Palace Orkestra, and the famous saxophonist Leo P.

Highlights this time around include Mirko Köckenberger, who has a habit of quickly changing from a red team to a businessman, while playing hand-in-hand and hand-wrapping on unstable suitcases.

Hugo Desmarais circles spectacularly from the roof over the air hoop and belt. Skating Willers skating rinks our air with a stopping adrenaline that releases energy and stability, the audience trembles with fear that they may be distracted. At the same time he is also using a member of the audience, whose organizational sense can be permanently disrupted.

Burlesque actress J’aiMime shows a shocking turn of events described as “balloon eating a pretty blonde girl” as she was slowly swallowed by a large pink balloon.

Craig Reid, The Incredible Hula Boy, is intrigued by his cheeky Bavarian inspired lederhosen, aided by an alpine yodelling crescendo, and enjoys his masterpiece and the number of hoops that can be moved at the same time.

And there is the outgoing LJ Marles, who fits snugly into the shoes of Pretty Woman kinky thighs with a black sun hat, and then flies up and down and around the tight, tight straps on the floor and ceiling. what he did, while Dieter sang his powerful song Beatles Come Together.

The most spectacular and incredible performance comes from Heather Holliday, the beauty of the amazing, amazing vintage with its sword swallowing and breathing fire, the most dangerous nerves so many members feel the heat hiding in their right hand.

This is a spectacular display that offers breathtaking and spectacular mountains, a stunning nightlife. It only lasts until January 8thth.

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