The Memes Flow and #LeSnitch Trends After Lebron James Loses It on Fans During a Game

Lebron James was impressed last night. A video spread this morning showing the NBA star rushing to court fans to get them out. The game was in Indiana, however, stadium officials actively followed the “King James” statement.

Some immediately assume that some kind of insult of some kind has been committed, but there is no evidence of it, and if it had happened, we would have known about it by now. Instead, it looks like Lebron was offended by some of the filth that was thrown around. Imagine meeting Spike Lee in the 90s?

Be sure to watch to the end because the lady with the bootlere has a base, mocking Lebron as she is escorted.

Now, in full disclosure, there is one verdict from a random, low-cost Twitter account (who avatar smokes weed) that claims the mother said she was expecting Lebron’s son to get into a car accident. Many of the games and news pages are using this as evidence of Lebron. If this had happened then it would have gone too far and justified the release of fans. However, I am very skeptical because even though Lebron did not say this after the game, and given that he was the same person who did not hesitate to say the details, it is hard for me to believe he did not come suddenly.

The video featured #LeSnitch happening on Twitter when memes started circulating.

Obviously, the biggest opposition to what Lebron did came from people who were showing his absolute submission to China. He may be outraged by the fans who persecute him, but he has nothing to say about communism killing people while Lebron and the NBA earn Chinese money. I think that’s a good criticism. If you find it easy to talk and act on something very important, do not expect too much emotion when it comes to fanaticism.

Here is the thing. It just looks bad for players to be able to interact with fans like this, no matter what. I give up the chance to say something so bad that they should be fired, however, I would have put a lot of money on what was clearly said would have happened (or what Lebron had said to himself at the time of publication). However, fans harassing players at NBA games are not new. This makes Lebron look like he has a fire and passion all over the world when it comes to ridicule or comment on Kyle Rittenhouse’s case, but that he can’t gather a small fraction of that power to speak out in defense of groups that don’t really exist. in China.

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