The Legend of Zelda: Every Story Ranked Worst to Best

4. The Story of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Future years Link RiseThe 2019 revival was filled with fans begging anyone who would listen (and more and more who would not listen) to find a way to see for themselves what they felt was not just one very good Zelda game at all but one of the best Zelda issues that have been raised.

Well, I’m here to tell you that Link Rise fans have been right all along. Sometimes I hear the game being briefly described as “just a dream,” but the acronym confirms the skill of the game which is very complex or how they play high-level games. Zelda ideas by reviewing and refining them. Without the beauty of the three games above, this one would have gone up a notch.

Zelda Legend: The Wind Waker

3. The Story of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Unjust criticism for years because of its “cartoon” style, time has been sweet Wind Waker‘s photography, drama, and, most importantly for our purposes today, is the story of the Hyrule world and a young boy named Link who must know his future and save his family by sailing the oceans.

Wind Waker it does not contain a very complex story Zelda history, but there is a purity to this myth that places on every honorary list of the best “trips” Zelda game. I love the way Wind Waker enhances its predictable good news of good and bad and amazing locations, and I have to pay tribute to how Nintendo managed to build the game neatly to. Ocarina of Time‘plot was given that it was sometimes difficult to connect the game in the past.

Zelda Legend: Skyward Sword

2. The Story of Zelda: Skyward Sword

When I go through history as being a Skyward Sword defender, I can understand why there are so many fans who can’t stand this game. However, I think they are very dedicated Skyward Sword critics may dare to say that it does not have one of the best stories Zelda reputation.

Undoubtedly the most cinematic Zelda games to date, Skyward Sword brings us to the beginning of Zelda time (at least until now) to shed some light on origin of this permit and tell you one of the real Zelda / Link love stories in the history of this series. Skyward Sword it should be shaken by the weight of everything it is trying to do (as well as the weight of the timeline), but instead it can provide a story that reminds us of the best qualities of the series as we elevate almost every narrative section. .

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