The Gadgeteer’s top 10 posts of 2021

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NEWS2020 2021 is about to end. If you are like me, 2021 has been like a continuation of 2020, then I am not at all sorry that this year has happened. At this time every year, I like to send an article that writes our most famous articles of the year. It is interesting to look back and see what our readers enjoyed. Let’s see if there are any surprises this year.

10. Grout Electric Cleaner: Wash your grout without getting your hands and knees in a toothbrush By Kathleen Chapman

Electric Grout Wash Machine: Wash your grout without having to hold your hands and knees with a toothbrush

This article was only posted a few days ago. I think people are interested in simple ways to clean grout huh ?! I am always looking for things that help me to live a better life. For me, it has been and vacuum robots.

9. This multi-colored tool sends pliers and shakes your hand! Author Julie Strietelmeier

This multi-colored tool uses pliers and shakes your hand!

A lot of the tools were great at Gadgeteer this year and this was a new one that I had never seen even though I was told in the post comments that it had been around for a long time.

8. Here are many tools you can use to build a bed and chairs! Author Julie Strietelmeier

Here are a few tools you can use to build a bed and chairs!

Do you know the words, old and new? This also applies to this tool that has been around for a long time.

7. Leatherman has something new! Author Julie Strietelmeier

Leatherman has something new!

Everything Related to Leatherman is supposed to be popular, but I have no idea that the story of the Leatherman razor would be relevant to most people.

6. Here is a well-equipped knife that you would like to bite Author Julie Strietelmeier

Here’s a knife for many tools that you would love to shave

These weapons are more of a knife than a weapon, which is not the same.

5. How to customize your Chrome tabs on your Android phone by Kathleen Chapman

How to create your Chrome tabs on your Android phone

It seems that in addition to EDC and many other tools, our readers also enjoy how they can use scripts. We will be doing more in 2022!

4. AirCut DIY Portable Haircuting System review – I Will Not Go To Salon By Julie Strietelmeier

Review of AirCut DIY Portable Haircuting System – I’m not going to the salon again

I bought this at the end of 2020 and have not been to a salon since. I use AirCut every few weeks and I really like it as a simple DIY haircut tool. My hair looks the same after every cut which means there are no more frustrating surprises like I have had in the past.

3. If you think all the weapons are the same, Windeler Staks will make you think again! Author Julie Strietelmeier

If you think all the weapons are the same, Windeler Staks makes you think again!

This was one of the most unique weapons I have seen in a long time. I had to tell you all about it and I think everyone else thought it was “different”!

2. Here’s an idea for a 30-in-1 gift for a wide range of new EDC beginners by author Julie Strietelmeier

Here are some 30-in-1 gift ideas for many new EDC models

This was amazing and it was a record that led me to start making EDC with more tools as part of my regular surf collection activities.

1. EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station review – More than a generator, and no air! By Dave Moore

EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station review – More than a generator, and no air!

This comment was viewed over 100,000 times! That’s crazy. Dave says:

The system is amazing! Engineers at EcoFlow think of everything! The system is crazy module, enlarged, and amazingly amazing!

The first most read comment on The Gadgeteer in 2021 is at the power plant comments and many other notable ones were EDC things like many weapons. This tells me that we need to do more about EDC in 2022 which will be our 25th year!

What is your favorite story that we posted in 2021 that was not included in this list? Please share in the comments section below.

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