The Fruit Fix Short Film Review

★★★★★ Stars

Posted and directed by: #PhilipConnolly

Player: #JamieLeeODonnell, #MarkBenton, #AdnanMustafa

Video Comment by: Alicia Moore

Hope has an upcoming piano change that confuses the best moments. Unfortunately, as a patient with social anxiety, it will take a lot of courage to get the help needed to achieve his or her dreams.

Fruit Processing, co-hosted by Jamie-Lee O’Donnell (Hope) and Mark Benton (Doug,) is a fiction-based story – but the ‘prepared fruit’ itself, the banana movement, is a practical and widely used method of treating people’s anxiety. . This short video follows Hope and highlights her struggles, as well as allowing the audience to see how Doug feels about how she is doing all she can to help him get to the piano research.

The most painful experience I feel I have to make as a patient is people Fruit Processing Unfortunately, its treatment does not seem like a complete cure. It can be very frustrating, as well as very stressful, watching video clips that make the treatment seem easier to deal with. Struggling with the main point of the plot but suddenly everything is cured, such as a cold or headache. It makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong; am I not doing enough to help myself?

Movies are more influential than some people think and it is not difficult to find a good, understandable and true work. Writer and director Philip Connolly has taken on a challenging and well-crafted theme, ranging from isolation to success. His goal is to help Hope get through her exams, not to take away anything from her. This type of treatment is a long-term support service; Connolly has taken that idea and grasped it with gentle hands and shining compassion. Many listening members, including me, can see themselves repeating the frustrations of ‘I Can’t’ from Hope and feel the power of Doug’s delicate responses. This writing method is also highly developed when combined with the systems provided. Jamie-Lee O’Donnell especially connects lovingly with his appearance, moving with care and emotion over any image.

Staying on the head of true understanding, even the movie trailer (Thomas Shaucroft) of Fruit Processing clearly articulates the perceptions of the depressing mind and emotions that lead to social anxiety. The scenes in the film are no longer elaborate; they are still pleasing to the eye and move naturally from event to event, but an understanding of the struggles that have taken place has led to a surprisingly high shot.

Fruit Processing it takes skill and the best way to inform people about mental health, to focus on the intentions of the characters and to act and see the realities. I have not been able to make this short film enough; I think it will still be an important and timely watch for everyone at any time.

You can watch a short video by clicking Pano.

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