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This week on the podcast Video Comment editors, Devika Girish and Clinton Krute went to school and two studied FC old-timer: Nellie Killian, supervisor and FC assistant editor, and Ina Archer, artist, critic, and media preservationist at National Museum of African-American History & Culture. Each of them gave the group a movie to watch. We call this section “homework,” but do not be afraid, their decision was difficult!

Another was elected Killing on Nonsense (1934), Mitchell Leisen’s madcap Pre-Code caper, where Nellie said Honey Moccasin, 1998 experimental stone made by Indian filmmaker Shelley Niro. The two choices were zany, amazingly creative, and often. They are made for a great two dimensions. We have learned a lot from this discussion and hope you do the same. Pop quiz is coming soon!

Links & Items:

Close to At home: How to Make a Home Video, nominated by the Criterion Channel by Nellie Killian and C. Mason Wells
Tell Me: Women Filmmakers, Women’s Stories, directed by Nellie Killian
Ina Archer on African-American home movies a World Records Journal
Killing on Nonsense (Mitchell Leisen, 1934)
A supercut Kitty Carlisle’s adventures on the show “Tell the Truth,” showcasing her best outfits.
Honey Moccasin (Shelly Niro, 1998), watches for free until June 15 at the San Francisco Cinematheque as part of the “Cousin and Kin” program run by Cousin Collective. There is a virtual one a matter of life and Niro on June 15th.
The work of Jeffrey Gibson, Mississippi Choctaw-Cherokee artist and sculptor
Signs of Smoke (Chris Eyre, 1998)
Chicago Film Society “Leader Ladies Project
Sitter (1977), When a Stranger Sings (1979), April Fool Day (1986), and When the Stranger Is Singing Again (1993) and Fred Walton
In the blast (William Tannen, 1984)
Different Houses: Korea (JT Takagi and Christine Choy, 1991)

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