Away from their offices, in a bar not far from where they lived, which was surrounded by noise, the two men still wanted to talk in a whisper.

Ear communication was the only safe way to express the thoughts and fears they were experiencing and the effects of their ongoing sleep deprivation.

Everything was starting to go wrong.

No one was able to stop the threat of nuclear war.

The barriers that could have been pulled in previous seasons to get things back on track, were all lifted in the days after September 11, 2001. Since then the juggernaut has rolled forward without a pilot.

Decisions were made on September 12th 2001 and days later were made with motives that could not be resolved in any case. Such decisions are free to be made regardless of the cause or effect. The intentions recorded were set as if they had been thrown into a titanium, never questioned…. To act otherwise would be to undermine the security of the United States and this could be considered a major conspiracy if tested.

Now, twenty years later, two men stormed into a bar and threatened to kill each other. They, like others in their ranks of government, saw that the determination of the frightened Americans at one time led to the massacre. They found that the juggernaut started 9/11 shortly before the suspension, that its course was established and its end could not fail.

It did not matter what the actual events took place today, or the events that led up to the actual event. The goals set after 9/11 are non-negotiable, non-invasive and non-controversial. Anyone who attempted to initiate a discussion based on changing 9/11 protocols would lose their status immediately. Goals were set without plan B connected. They wanted to be fulfilled, no. There is no contradiction. No doubt. And they would be immutable, unmovable at all until they received the letter with full 100% compliance without the slightest doubt.

America needed to get 100% security. Nothing less. This required that any organization not compliant with 100% American security permanently be eliminated, no longer poor.

Goals should not be reduced and there is no tolerance for the action to be taken. There should be no debate and no deviation from the methods used to achieve the goals set.

Questions about morality and ethics cannot be a barrier to action that needs to be addressed. Nothing should be considered unnecessary for any reason or circumstance. Setting boundaries of any kind would have bound the hands of people whose mission was to deliver goals as stated. No questioning or alteration of these objectives would have been permitted at any level of political or military domination.

However, things have changed with the growth of Russia especially in China, but no development has been established in the systems established more than two decades ago. Protocols did not need to be changed. They could not be changed.

That is why an illegal law required Russia and China, or their leadership, to remove and establish US-friendly proxies. This was a steady demand created by the 9/11 protocols.

This was due to the vicious whispering that was taking place in the busy Washington bar.

The 9/11 protocols easily led to nuclear war and nothing could happen. Each government has had the opportunity to move forward with a program to eliminate enemies from the day the protocols agreed.

Western journalists also came in full force. Death was thrown away and no one or group can imagine the dramatic and impossible change of point.

Leaders can do anything, as well as any person or group less than the president. No one would talk about it. That would be foolish.

However, the weak whisper campaign continued, although to no avail … and to no avail.

Everyone realized that the road to Armageddon was made up of iron.

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