The Best Of Mario Bava

Best of Mario Bava

Gothic mythology… staggering houses akale ancient curses… trembling and massacres… have been welcomed into the fascinating world of the Italian emperor Mario Bava. In a career that spanned 40 years Mario Bava inspired several generations of filmmakers, from Dario Argento to Tim Burton. In her last episode, a horror portrait starring Daria Nicolodi (Deep Red), she looked at a large group of her ancient writings to discover the heartwarming, but horrible, emotional breakdown that comes from within.

Now back in high definition for the first time, Maestro of the Macabre’s chilling swansong is more disruptive than ever with Arrow’s amazing new release, available in January on Blu-ray (including a special O-card limited version) and on ARROW. the service is flowing. Celebrating the release, here’s a look at ten of Bava’s best movies, and the most fun.


Dangerous… Pain… and Dangerous! The famous Scream queen, Barbara Steele (Shivers, Caged Heat) is starring in this part of Bava. Steele is a beautiful witch who was sentenced to death for her crimes by her own brother, who was sentenced to death by slapping an iron mask on her face before being burned at the stake. As he passes by, he curses all his future generations as the signs of the death knell pierce his body … in all its extraordinary beauty, awesome. Banned in the UK at its release, the popular Bava film that opened the door to ‘Spaghetti horror’ in all its glory.


Bava’s addresses the dangers of anthology that have three contexts. In ‘Telephone’ a woman (Michèle Mercier) is being abused by her ex-boyfriend who has been released from prison; in ‘Wurdalak’ a man (Boris Karloff) returns home after being transformed into a vampire; and in ‘Drop’ Water ‘nurse (Jacqueline Pierreux) suffers from a rare condition after stealing a ring on the corpse of an elderly woman.


The Christian Haute Couture fashion house is a model house… with backlash… and fraud… and drug dealing… and KILLING. After setting up a giallo template with the Girl Who Knew the Most, Mario Bava began to establish his rules with Blood and Black Lace. In doing so he created one of the most exciting dramas ever produced – an Italian band that could direct the color giallo, deliver a slasher video, and have a huge impact on various filmmakers such as Guillermo del Toro and Martin Scorsese.


A group of astronauts just received a phone call from a distant land! Is it a helpless cry … or something worse? Arriving on a shady planet, the crew is attacked by a group of alien aliens with a demonic system: conquering the universe by controlling the crew’s minds and stealing their lives. Bava brings with it these dangerous and well-documented dangers of science and intoxication, fever and panic.


A top Bava scholar in the early 70’s sees the troubled protagonist John Harrington (Stephen Forsythe) embarking on a massacre. He refused a divorce with his reckless wife, and after being caught up in childish trouble John ventures his frustrations on a group of potential brides who pass his way innocently. Undoubtedly the influence of advanced movies like Maniac (1980), and many other cool, a piece that does not often stand out from one of the best in Europe, is fun, well-decorated, fun.


The bloody civil war in some coastal areas is the story of Bava’s Horror-thriller, which many refer to as the grandfather of the modern slasher film. There are neck bruises, facial cuts and spears through interlocking bodies – deadly scenes that were all modeled on Steve Miner’s 13th Friday, Episode 2 and the film’s impact affected many American cinemas of the 1970s and ’80s. Bava also includes the enjoyment of a telephone line, the sharp cutting of an ax, a man thrown against a wall, and the killing of five others wisely.


One of Bava’s most famous novels, Baron Blood is a return to modern-day Gothic culture and the central theme of the witch’s curse that made his Black Sunday film a success twelve years earlier. At the time, the curse was placed on Baron Otto von Kleist, the Austrian murderer Baron Blood, whose body was unknowingly revived when old words were read as a joke by the natives and his girlfriend. Naturally, Baron decided to continue where he left off, with the help of a whole range of torture equipment. Joseph Cotten (Kane Citizen, The Third Person) is as dangerous as the deceptively beautiful Baron, and receives strong support from Elke Sommer (Bava’s Lisa and the Devil, next in line), who is chased by the fog-covered paths in one of Bava’s most memorable.


A wonderful magical tale and spiritual doubts from the master! Lisa (Elke Sommer) – an American visitor traveling to Spain – lost her party and fled to a home for the blind man led by a satanic cupbearer in the house, Leandro (Telly Savalas, Horror Express, Kojak). The Countess’s son sees Lisa’s resemblance to her dead loved one and follows her like a murderous night, a strange emotion and dark simulations begin. This is Bava on his amazing and exciting adventure, presenting the horrific history of the 70s and filming technology as a nightmare.


After a setback in his career Mario Bava came up with an idea that would help him compete with junior directors illuminating the Italian box office such as Dario Argento and Sergio Martino. Angry Dogs begin when a $ 70,000 fine is transferred when Ajaccio’s team hits. With hailstones in the speedy attack they are running in their waiting car. Strong, violent and true, the Bava film adds to the tension and does not stop when the captives are added and the film reaches its dramatic end. Revealed in real time, a rare device seen in previous movies such as the High Noon and 12 Angry Men who were never heard in an Italian movie at the time, Rabid Dogs is the only film in the movie Bava, one of the biggest crime movies. time, as well as uninterrupted watching, breaking nails.

RESULTS (1977)

Dora (Daria Nicolodi, Deep Red) returns to her old home with her husband, Bruno (John Steiner, Tenebrae), and Marco (David Colin Jr., Beyond the Door), her ex-boyfriend. But the excitement of the house is rare as many strange and disturbing events take place, as Dora is plagued by nightmares and nightmares, many of them about her late husband. Is the house occupied? Or did Dora’s insecurities and realities come from near us? Released to the United States as a way to follow Ovidio G. Assonitis’s Beyond the Door, Shock more than he does with his name, proving that, even at the end of his career, Bava did not lose his touch due to fear.

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