‘The Beatles: Get Back’: Candid documentary captures frustrations — and fun — of ‘Let It Be’ sessions

Well-known sources say that Yoko Ono was a troublemaker during the Beatles’ “Let It Be” song in early 1969, which caused a rift between John Lennon and the rest of the band and was a major factor in Fab Four. they finally go their separate ways.

Come back. Come back. This does not seem to be the case since we are in the room with Beatles et al., In Disney + “The Beatles: Get Back.” To be honest, Yoko is always in the studio, but for the most part, she sits quietly next to John, weaving and reading. (On one occasion, we see him in a friendly, friendly conversation with Linda Eastman, his then-friend, Paul McCartney.

We do not see Yoko disrupting the creative process. Indeed, some members of the group acknowledged Yoko’s further influence on John, as Paul stated, “If there is a division between Yoko and the Beatles, then Yoko.” But he adds, “She’s fine, she’s fine, she just wants to be around. … These [would] being a strange, funny thing in 50 years [if people said], ‘It broke because Yoko sat on the amp.’ ”

Valuable moments like this are sprinkled on all the visuals, clear and concise, which is a series of three Disney + Peter Jackson series, “The Beatles: Get Back,” which the filmmaker “Lord of the Rings” played for even 60 years. video viewers and more than 150 uninvited listeners to present interesting, compelling and important themes in recorded history.

Portions of this story have already been mentioned in Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s 1970 film “Let It Be,” which paints a small picture of the events (the Beatles set limits on what Lindsay Hogg can show), but Jackson is New Zealand-based. The producers have restored the 16mm color to make it more visually appealing, and they have used digital audio technology to separate and separate pieces of guitar, drums, vocals – and the interactive conversations between the band as they end January January 1969 rehearsing and recording music. .

Getting inside in less than eight hours but not coming as packed or anything fun, “Bring” begins with a 10-minute Wikipedia photo shoot about Bets for the young or unfamiliar, taking us in their early days in Liverpool through their ascent. meteoric over pops, through popular movies and debates and the transformation of clear and culturally sensitive music to their 1966 decision to stop acting. Toward the end of 1968, the band agreed that it would invite audiences to watch them perform what would be their first song, as well as a special feature of the TV show.

Then it’s time really good things, like Jackson giving a history of flying-wall, making a wise choice not to include modern rhetoric or modern communication. A few timely photos are essential, as we sit in the studio of the studio where the boys, wearing their fur coats and high heels, begin to prepare for the beginning of songs such as “Let It Be,” “Come Back,” “Something,” “I Have a Feeling” and other songs. which eventually became a solo performance, sung after the end, for example, Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” and Lennon’s “Gimme Some Truth”.

The Beatles are in the cavernous Twickenham Film Studios (providing excellent shooting) and co-workers are working on making special TV sets that will eventually be eliminated, but the band is sitting around, with John, Paul and George sitting facing Ringo and ng ‘oma its. It is clear from the moment he goes that Paul is in charge when he calls for a change in music and controls the pace – but John Lennon we see here is not angry or angry or quarrelsome, he is a partner and sometimes a magician who looks very good. who loves to make the music work and have a good time on the road.

The Beatles performed at Twickenham Film Studios during a special TV production, and it was eventually canceled.
Ideas for Apple Corps Ltd.

George, however, becomes very frustrated when John, especially Paul, rules over him and ignores his concerns. (Paul: “You always get angry … and try to help you.” . It takes two large meetings at Ringo George’s house before he returns if nothing has happened.

By the time the band moves to the basement studio at Apple Records headquarters – where they live on top of each other, with Billy Preston, Yoko, Linda Eastman and his well-known daughter Heather and Ringo Maureen’s wife joining the lawsuit – it sounds like family, John laughing little Heather and George serving as a bar salesman, handing out drinks to his fellow musicians.

Pictures of the famous Beatles rooftop play “Bring Me Up,” “Do Not Leave Me,” “I Feel,” et al., Rendered clear (George’s green pants, Ringo Pie!), Jackson and his crew adding a few more minutes about “Woodstock” – a kind of “Woodstock”, and a fun epilogue as the band and other celebrities return to the ground after a small concert, tying up new recordings. traffic.

We know that the path ahead is not too long and winding for the Beatles; just recorded one album, “Abbey Road,” before it was completely split. Ten years later, John Lennon will be assassinated, and in 2001, we lost George Harrison – which makes it even more traumatic and moving when Paul McCartney of 1969 admits to real differences and factions within the group but says, “And when we are all old, we all agree … and we will sing together. “

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