The 10 Best Fontella Bass Songs of All-Time

Fontella Bass was considered one of the most talented R&B singers all the time. He is best known for the several songs he performed in the 1960s. Today, he is still regarded as one of the finest musicians of his day, attracting the attention of contemporary musicians. It is also worth noting that he played for decades, making music until the 2000s. Below is a list of his 10 most popular songs, ranging from number 10 to number one. There is also a YouTube link for each song that you can listen to yourself.

10 Oh No, Not My Child (1966)

Here you have the love song of a the relationship is over. It didn’t take long for the title of the song to become so important as it danced around town with someone. All the other words in the song affect her feelings about seeing her and knowing that as long as she still loves him, there can be no intimate relationship between the two.

9. Baby What You Want Me to Do (2006)

Have you ever heard one of the songs that seems to express your feelings at some point? Have you ever been in a situation in which you felt like a lost cause and could not do more than focus on the person you were dating? These are the kinds of ideas that are expressed in this song. If you have ever been in such a situation, you can recognize his voice.

8. I Cannot Rest (2006)

The lyrics of the song refer to the person who is unconcerned about anything but the friendship that lies ahead. When you feel that way, you may not be able to think of everything you need to do. It makes it impossible to sleep, eat or even focus on any task at hand. The song also emphasizes the need to take action on these issues as they grow.

7. Leave In the Hands of Love (2006)

This is a song that lets love guide you and help you in everything that happens in life. Interestingly, when you are with someone who loves you enough to feel that you can do almost anything, almost anything in life seems to come naturally. This song is a powerful reminder that letting love be stronger than fear. Of course, love can conquer anything, if you let it.

6. Do Not Disturb Good Things (1991)

Have you ever had a friend who seemed to have everything in his hands but who didn’t care? These words speak to this, trying to make the point that when you have something amazing in your life, you should take care of it and show your appreciation instead of letting it pass through your fingers. This song is about taking time like anything else. When you know you have something (or someone else) amazing in life, do not feel free to let it go away from you.

5. Sweet Lovin ‘Daddy (2006)

If you think this is your father’s song, think again. Instead, it is very different. Her words are about finding the person you love. Basically, they want to find someone whom you can meet. It’s done the same way some people say about having a sugar daddy or being a sugar daddy. His words are slightly different, but their meaning is the same.

4. Because I Bow To You (1966)

As you can already imagine from the title, this is a song that talks about how things have been different since the person in the song fell for some. Like many other songs, its lyrics are listeners. You can take a few things from them, depending on your love experience and how you are feeling right now. In that way, the music can be either lively and fun or it can take things in stride.

3. This Would Make Me Happy (1966)

Have you ever thought about falling in love and how it can change your mind about anything? This is a song about learning to find yourself, to love someone and to be happy with who you are. Instead, it greatly affects learning Have fun and who you are, though you may not be happy with what is around you.

2. Human Life (1966)

Assuming this is an R&B song the lyrics are composed in a way that allows them to be tongue-in-cheek. However, at its core, the song is about what makes a person stand out from the crowd, hence the title. and a song that can make you think because it brings out all the obvious when it comes to understanding what makes people act the way they do certain things, and so on.

1. Save Me (1966)

This is a song that describes his work. Even all these years later, it is one that many remember the time when his name was mentioned. It became very popular right away and it also set the standard for all other genres of music that came after it. During his career, he was asked to sing a love-saved song, almost every time he played. The song became very popular and still is today.

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