Tabletop Gaming Convention Essen Spiel Acquired By Spielwarenmasse eG

Lovers of patabletop games should be familiar with Essen Spiel. Officially, the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL event, first held in Essen, Germany in 1983, is one of the largest conferences in the world. It is an exhibition of board games, card games, and RPGs around the world with over 200,000 visitors each year. Now, this permanent conference has a new owner, who has confirmed his desire to keep the conference a priority for the industry.

According to a news report, Essen Spiel is the new owner and well-organized Spielwarenmasse eG. They are best known for their fairly straightforward programming and marketing programs, which are well-known for their A meeting of doll people in Nuremberg, one of the world’s largest sports, leisure and entertainment events. Through these organizations and advertising campaigns, they have set up network networks in more than 90 countries, as well as several corporations in China and India.

Asked why the company made such money, Spielwarenmasse eG Spokesman Christian Ulrich also stated that this would not affect Essen Spiel’s position in the industry. He said, “In Spielwarenmesse and SPIEL fair games we have two very different ideas, but the principles go hand in hand with the issue, making more synergies. With SPIEL, we are expanding our role in the sports industry, and we will have the opportunity to play games. without changing the form of justice. “

It was full last year even during the epidemic. Credit card: Spielwarenmasse

Considering what Ulrich and the company have done in the past, this partnership with local companies has a solid foundation. In October 2021, Spielwarnmasse eG helped unite Game Inventors conference in Nuremberg headquarters, allowing table makers to showcase their work to potential customers, publishers, and journalists on a much larger scale.

With this in mind, it seems that the acquisition of Essen Spiel and Spielwarenmasse eG has the potential to grow and grow into one of the largest companies in the world.

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