Supreme Court to hear case of coach fired for praying

The United States Supreme Court has ruled in our favor in a case of religious discrimination after a previous ruling

A Seattle high school football coach who was fired for refusing to stop praying at the end of the game took the matter to the Supreme Court.

Joe Kennedy, who worked as a coach at Seattle’s Bremerton High School, was fired and criticized by the school for refusing to give up his previous practice in the game, which included a 15-second prayer as he knelt on the football field.

In 2015 complaint, Bremerton School District “more religious” in Kennedy prayers and encouraging speeches “problem” and he wanted the teacher to pay close attention “relevant topics such as collaboration, teamwork, responsibility, [and] security. “

“Your lectures with students do not include religious expressions, including prayer. “They must be non-religious, to avoid separation from any member of the group,” the province ruled.

Kennedy was suspended and later removed from office for refusing to follow the line and an appeal to the Supreme Court in 2019 was rejected. On Friday, however, the Supreme Court announced that it would acceptance case.

Kelly Shackelford, who represents the First Liberty Institution representing Kennedy, said in a statement that “No teacher or teacher should lose his or her job simply because he or she professes to believe in public.”

“By taking this important step, the Supreme Court can protect the right of every American to participate in religious ceremonies, including public prayer, without fear of reprisal.” He announced.

The American United for Separation of Church and State head Rachel Laser, however, disputed that “Interested people” had heard “Pressure from their teacher to participate repeatedly in public prayers” and said the school district had the right to remove Kennedy from the case.

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