Supernatural Inc Is Revolutionizing Film And Education With The Evolvolution Initiative On Tubi Tv In 2022

Supernatural INC is a 21st Century Multimedia Platform and creator of Film, Music, Technology, Fashion and Education with the aim of “Changing the World”. The Evolvolution Initiative is a Supernatural INC education component that provides innovative and innovative ways of educating students and producing effective outcomes in the areas of AntiRacism, Respect for Culture, Leadership, Anti-Bullying and Coping. Songs, Drama, Visual Arts. Events-Based Activity is used to produce positive results. The “Evolvolution Initiative” is a global partnership with exchange programs aimed at providing education and cultural exchanges between schools in the United Kingdom (England and Scotland), Africa (Ghana, South Africa) and Australia and schools in the United States.

The self-titled video (“The Evolvolution Initiative”) is being aired on Tubi TV, Urban Flix TV, Google Play, iTunes, and other Video Streaming platforms in January 2022. ”Based in Rayleigh, England, almost from New York City, with the support of the United Kingdom’s” Show Racism the Red Card “and Social Movement” Nine20Nine “.

FitzWimarc School said it was concerned about some Western students who used the word “N-word” around the school and in the classroom. Nearly from New York City to England, The Evolvolution Initiative (Co-founder and CEO – Janol Mecca Holmes and Co-Founder and COO Marc Hoberman) provided a powerful lesson and experience for students. The study (dubbed the “Wonderful Culture” Event) focused on the work and history of “N-Word” and promoted “Respect for Culture” through graphic design, music, real dialogue and the exchange of heartfelt culture. The film was unveiled recently at the grand opening ceremony at The Warner Estate in Beverly Hills, CA (USA), with celebrities, members of film companies, journalists, journalists, and educators. Thanks to a great and inspiring response, 4 other preview events have been planned in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and London starting in January 2022.

The Evolvolution Initiative was nominated for Best Film Short at the 2021 London Short Film Festival.

The Evolvolution team has experienced teachers who provide advanced, intelligent, and creative training for students around the world. EI studies not only attract attention, but also empower people to do well in today’s environment, which has unforeseen challenges that can be devastating. The project also includes a number of courses that focus on leadership, problem solving, problem solving and critical thinking to lead people to a better future. The course is presented and presented in an interesting way, using creative techniques and team collaboration and participation that provide powerful and useful information.

The Evolvolution Initiative will launch and roll out its education in schools in England from Spring 2022. The UK’s anti-discrimination education organization “Show Racism The Red Card” is offering education in schools in England. The upcoming meetings are chaired by Southern Region Director Steve Goodsell and Educator Paul Hill.

The Evolvolution Initiative recognizes that negative experiences in the learning environment can be evident in the workplace and home environment.

The learning strategies and practices offered meet the new need for education. Diversity, cultural exchange, recognition, and dignity can be learned and used as a tool for evolution and success among people who are constantly changing.

The Evolvolution Initiative continues to engage with educators, schools, parents, educators, organizations, and organizations that are genuinely interested in our future as a global team.

The Evolvolution Initiative provides a program in which higher education and ethics are linked.

“We meet people for their experiences, and this applies to all stakeholders around the world,” said COO and Co-founder Marc Hoberman. Executive director and co-founder Janol Mecca Holmes added, “Throughout our global work with people from the United Kingdom to the United States and beyond, we use education as a tool to change the world.”

The meaning and purpose of the Evolvolution Initiative is to transform, focus and adapt to the changes that may affect teaching and learning.

About Startups:

Marc Hoberman is a well-known teacher, writer, inspirer and educator. Marc has a wealth of experience as a teacher within New York City Public School as part of his 30-year legacy. Marc Hoberman also serves as the founder of Grade Success, a company that focuses on education, training, and development.

Janol Mecca Holmes and Culturalist, Executive Producer and CEO of Supernatural INC, A Global Multimedia Company with proven and successful experience in the entertainment industry, corporate business, and education.

To learn more about Supernatural INC and The Evolvolution Initiative please visit and

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