Student, 21, left with deformed leg after bone SHATTERS in e-scooter crash on holiday & forced to undergo 8 operations

A STUDENT with a broken leg has broken a bone in a tragic e-scooter accident while on vacation.

Eleanor Young, of Nettleham, Lincs, was forced to undergo surgery after eight right fractures in his right leg and sprained ankle when his e-moped collided with a Smart Car in Rome.

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Eleanor Young, 21, was about to lose his log in an e-scooter crash[/caption]

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The student was forced to undergo eight operations[/caption]

A 21-year-old man, who is studying modern languages ​​at the University of Newcastle, was rushed to a hospital where doctors struggled to save his leg.

Eleanor, who also suffered a broken tooth, was in the intensive care unit for five days before being transferred to an orthopedic hospital.

“Thankfully I don’t remember much about the accident but I do remember a few minutes later when I was on the floor trying to get up,” he said.

“A passerby told me not to, and I knew immediately that my leg was hurting.

“To my surprise, I didn’t really feel any pain.

“I remember going to the hospital and having an MRI scan but the next thing I remember I woke up in the hospital the next day with a cane in my legs and was told he was about to cut my leg.”

He underwent three surgeries before leaving for his hometown and has since undergone five operations.

This involves removing and placing the rails, fixing the metal cage on its leg and re-inserting the bone so that it fits snugly together.

The student was forced to leave the university for one year and had to move to be cared for by his parents.

“Part of my leg was broken,” added Eleanor.

“I broke the right side of my tibia and cut off a ligament in my leg. I had two emergency operations abroad, one to save my leg and the other to put a stick in my bone joint.

“After that, I underwent several operations to repair my leg because it was deformed and had no connective tissue. It will never be the same again.

“My life changed from a normal life for a person my age to someone who seemed to have a medical after medical treatment and some surgery.”

Eleanor has advised another lawyer in Irwin Mitchell to investigate and help him get the medical treatment he needs for his injuries.

With research on what happened in August 2020 going on, Eleanor and her legal team are advising people to be careful when boarding e-mopeds and e-scooters.

“The collision affected my life in many ways,” he added.

“I stopped going to university for a year and had to return home with my parents.


“I could not leave the house for a few months, and I felt left out.

“Since August 2020 I have had eight major surgeries performed on my leg and underwent oral surgery for major dental problems.

“A lot of people, especially young people, think that e-scooters and e-mopeds are fun. However, like any car they can be seriously injured.”

In the UK there are now many e-scooters available to the public.

E-scooters can ride on public roads in some parts of the country, where there are government-sponsored tests that provide legitimate car rental. Secret e-scooters can be mounted on a common ground.

However, various laws are in place.

Jayne Murphy, of Irwin Mitchell, added: “E-mopeds are one of the newest electric vehicles in Europe and the UK.

“The most popular type is the e-scooter and there is a high risk of accidents associated with their use. Users of e-mopeds and e-scooters, whether at home or on vacation should be careful as these vehicles are unknown to other road users. , including pedestrians.

“While e-scooters can ride on the road in some experiments here in the UK, they are more common in other cities across the country.

“Most e-scooters hired through registered companies have insurance, but the quantity varies, so it is important that this is checked before renting a car.

Whether renting a covered motorcycle or e-moped outside is important so that people do not have to thoroughly research insurance but be careful at all times and make sure they are wearing the right protective equipment.

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